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Same hart gonna rack some serious points for my fantasy, imagine if we could give him a star next to his name, i'll be on 108 points now lol
7 years ago
Man that broke my heart, watching on of your favourite team getting a kick like that aren't pleasant at all... that goalie has to go.
Bale will not leave spurs for any price...
Mate what is the name of the fine specimen of alpha male in your avatar? he has some gully smile with matching gold plated set of grills
Come to Tottenham ruuud, we'll swap you for the 7ft Useless man
Fabio would be smashing his head in his office tomorrow morning...
Are you serious? People are all over this fella because of a tap in... Even Robert Greene or James could've done the same thing...
Lets go Koln break some hearts for us this season boys!
I see... Muller and Bastian has got the same hunger for the ball and to win the game as they did in the world cup, they could be lethal combination for Munich t...
Thanks for the add. COYS!
Alright man, cheers for the ad - cool votes your way! Good to see a Spurs fan from down under, it's gonna be a good season. COYS!
Scholes what a beast, still trucking alot better then most of the young guns in the central park, Age is overrated these days. Too bad he was out of my budget o...
Cmon boys we can whether the storm at home! But damn Dawson definately needs abit of pace, everyone is running around circle around him and king...
Barca gonna loose their flames this season, Messi is ain't gonna be so messi anymore :D
Hi there any EPL Fanatics from the land down under? If so please add me! Thanks!
Liverpool Struggled against a weaker side, hmm would love to see them pans out against Cash City this Monday night!
Go Celtic im rooting you guys this season, its time for the boys in Green to shine!!!
Gotta get that away Jersey of Everton, there's no way noone will not notice you on the court/field
Wow it has been a good start to EPL this season!
We're gonna pound them teams in the Asian cup lol
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