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No Offence, but its not even a bus. Its a train.
2 days ago
IF FA cup winner ends up in top 4 then the other finalist will get europa league spot. so 5th ,6th places and hull are going to Europa league next year if ars...
5 days ago
103 by chelsea
1 week ago
@SIF That's exactly the way they are going to report it. You got all the qualities to become a football journalist.
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West ham plays for draw when they play big teams. But once you go up they will start attacking, which gives opportunity for teams to score more. They were very ...
I feel you should have gotten at least a draw yesterday but you could say we should have atleast got a draw at ethiad. may be these things even out over the se...
I hope so. For the title if it is not us, it better be you.
There will always be some fans of every team who are idiots.
2 weeks ago
I think you know what happened with 40 mil clause. same thing will happen with any other clause.
Come on guys we can do better than that, i know it's just the heat of the moment. we will be looking like fools if we dont win. it will only give more amunition...
@kgb what sizes are you talking about ? are you taking about the sizes that are measured in inches or that are measured in cups. ohh i am confused what the he...
@redblooddrippin i would not call it delusion. I would call it hope.
You are spot on there mate. we should not have done what we did today. its all new for us and that might be the reason for our lot coming out like that, may be ...
@maniloveutd you mean ratboi from arsenal ? , By the way i think you did a great job beating the hammers. they are very good in defence and hard to score again...
@colinmc just give it a rest man. you are not helping the cause. let's have the dicussions at our place. Lets gooooooooo............
3 weeks ago
Peace. heskey better than both.
Oh no its georgio again.
4 weeks ago
1 month ago
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