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It doesnt mata. we won.
5 years ago
What's up with the new barca outfit..they look like squeezed oranges and valdes looks like a celery stick!
I think you watched the wrong game...
You dont have to admit anything. it wasnt a goal either way.
Did you hear? the boy is honest, he clearly said " i saw harper off his line, weather someone was going to head it in or the ball goes straight into the back of...
Was that necessary to say?
And the Brazilian television needs to change that goal celebration ring tone for god's sake. I've been hearing it since i was 8.
Zico fielded only 4 key players ( basem, nashat, younis, nour).. The way brazil played today, any team would have lost heavily against them. I didnt expect my c...
Did you know that the Iraqi coach is Brazilian?
I love how you just want to refer to Man United fans regardless of the topic being discussed.
"Wellbeck takes full advantage". Wellbeck takes full advantage of Al-habsi's knee slide that looked like he was celebrating giving away a penalty.
And that everyone, is a typical liverpool fan.
Funny how when United win a "clean" game, all the conspiracy theorists remain in their caves.
It takes alot of effort to step up your game in the last 20 minutes of the match. That's what United are good at. So i dont get why people say "poor performance...
And there goes your excuse!
The more a team insists on scoring, the bigger the reward. a penalty is one of them. there was or was no contact, any team will put themselves in a sensitive po...
When people talk like dis and like dat
"Want to see my Premier League medal? jk I don't have one"-Steven Gerrard
This is addicting, i just read the entire page of comments :|
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