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Somehow arsenal fans have convinced themselves that welbeck is better than falcao who somehow suddenly has dodgy knees just because we signed him and also bette...
1 week ago
Yeah, doesnt mean jack when all of them are crap, johnny evans is almost 27 and he is still an average player
3 weeks ago
Welbeck aint good enuf in my own opinion, he keeps talking about himself wanting to play as a striker but no one has ever trusted him enuf to play there, he is ...
A lot of people saying they feel sorry for Moyes and we shouldnt have sacked him, some united fans are really some sad and pathetic human beings, makes me wonde...
1 month ago
5 months ago
I have to say bayern center backs are awful, i know some will say im crazy but anyone that watches bayern matches will understand what im saying, they can get c...
Rooney is absolute hot steamy garbage, plays like a 40 yr old, has the first touch of a 5 yr old girl and i'm not surprised ferguson wanted him out, and yet the...
It will be players not wanting to join us cos we are not in the champs league, just watch! and players turning us down, that wud be perfect for them, sad part i...
I tell you, even if it was messi we had, some utd fans will say we should sell him to make way for rooney cos he is a better tackler and works harder, really em...
Amazing how many people seem to have turned on rvp since rooney signed a new deal.
Tell them, its sad how some just think rooney can do no wrong like he's the holy spirit, some deludes are now even saying we should drop RVP for him.....SMH the...
I want van persie to sign a new contract now! then i'll be happy
Some Manutd fans are funny, even if we signed messi and ronaldo, some would still say rooney is our best player and the 'SOUL' of the club lol....pure delusion.
7 months ago
Have to say barca's midfielders are on another dimension compared to others, they just pass the ball around without fear or panicking....fear for what they woul...
Http:// And we keep doing it SMH
Top four? Anyone?
Why did arsenal let ozyakup go?
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11 months ago
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