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Its messed up that things like that still happen in this day and age, and its not like chelsea dont have black players themselves
1 week ago
@RedBloodDrippin: "Zilch the moderator is also an arsenal fan? that explains it then.... " Moderators are not robots mate. They follow teams. They are fans of...
Zilch the moderator is also an arsenal fan? that explains it then.... sorry for disrespecting yall by telling you the truth
Wow, disrespectful is telling u guyz not to be arrogant and think you are just gonna come to old trafford and beat man utd like its nothin just because they are...
Lol, removing my comment just because of what? did i say anything wrong.... wow
2nd time I've had to talk to you now mate, stop disrespecting others, particularly when you're a guest on another forum. Consider this a warning that future mis...
@GonnerTillEnd Ok bro, fantastic future predicting powers you got lol, maybe i could smoke some of what you're smoking on eh?
We shud get Moyes, he has more away wins than van gaal and we played better at old trafford under Moyes too, cant go wrong with that can we? Nothin wrong wit ...
A lot of pple here overreact to unnecessary things, hence my little girl comparisms, im not sayin lvg is always rite, i dunno why tf he doesnt play herrera, but...
Freaking out again as usual, even if he names fellaini a striker, so what??? Doesnt mean he will play him there, what the hell is wrong with you guyz?? acting l...
Some man utd fans are pathetic, panic panic panic about every little thing, i know we are not playing well and all but pple keep saying we should play with wing...
2 weeks ago
Yep, he has, and he will for England very soon considering the emergence of Kane and how much Sturridge has improved
3 weeks ago
Its crazy, especially living in a country where you are having to adapt to a completely new culture and environment, makes you wanna pack your bags and leave
Moyes was doing better.... lol, they'll just wait till we lose and start it up again, we were rooted at 7th this time last yr and things only got worse from tha...
Not as a striker he is not, thats why they play ahead of him there
He's not better than the other choices we have upfront
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