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4 days ago
Nah they wouldnt have won, they were not only missing chances, they werent defending well either, thats why we scored 3 and it could have been more
1 week ago
Anyone who defends Moyes at this point is just a fool like him
Nope, i'm not no moyes fanboy, look at my past comments
Moyes is Love, Moyes is life...... must be joking, Moyes was a fool, i'm just playing around lol.... i fooled ya
I'll rather have Moyes, our away form was better under him and we did not have so many injuries, all Moyes needed to fix was our home form and we didnt give him...
Bolasie really is a mini ronaldinho lol, his dribbling skills are incredible
2 weeks ago
I think its clear who is in denial here lol, very clear, i'm not the one crying about having more possession, won't even say nothing...... goodbye, wish you guy...
Hmmmm... game was yours i see
It is simple, trust me.... goals win games, NOT chances or possession, GOALS!..... if u get a zillion chances and you dont take them, then you did not do enuf t...
3 weeks ago
Football is about scoring goals, doesn't matter how many chances you have, if you don't take those chances then you don't deserve to win..... its that simple
I keep telling pple, just bcos he is good for arsenal does not mean he would have been good for us, we saw this lad play for manutd many times and he was averag...
1 month ago
RedbloodDrippin updated their profile
Probably not lol
Its just media fantasy bullcrap, how people beleive things like this baffles me
Http:// has to be a prank, has to be
9 months ago
11 months ago
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