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I just hope mourinho has a plan or we are f***ked i have to admit
3 months ago
Have you ever seen Arsenal Win the league?
@Xgooner Diaby dude, are you serious, what next? Coquelin and ramsey are better than Pogba arent they?
@Xgooner I bet you wont say that if he was an Arsenal player, players are only overrated when they play for man utd arent they?
Oh here we go with the hate
He's a red devil, We've got a red devil here!
Tbf all their first team players were out today and i was even surprised Liverpool didnt bully them more, they had Holding and Chambers at Center back. That is ...
@Shaymoose17 What does that have to do with this discussion mate? I'm just stating my opinion from what i saw from his team at Bayern, When Mr Guardiola came ...
Only thing i see them getting good at is conceding goals on the break like today, 'IF' they keep playing like that. I know its the first game of the season but...
I hope Man city keep playing the way they did today lol, they would be a counter attacking team's dream opponent.... Ridiculous High Defensive line Full backs ...
Do you guys still think John Terry is good enough to start for you? I watched some of Chelsea's games last season and he looked like a serious liability becaus...
The Premier league is impossible to predict tbh, who knows what will happen? Arsenal have not addressed any of their problems, West Ham have a wonderful team ...
Can see the ABUs foaming in the mouth and just choking cos they cant believe it, how will a team in the Europa league sign such a player,hooooowwwwwwwwwwww? lol
4 months ago
Who cares about the fee, i certainly dont and i dont know why people care..... its neither your money or mine so i could care less, i just want the club to sign...
You can see its clearly photoshopped, We are a mid table Europa league team, why will he join us?
Jokes aside, Mourinho loves trolling Wenger and i still cant understand why lol
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