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Watching some of our games from 2008 compared to now I noticed some truly incredible differences. We were extremely direct with our passing, always giving the ...
4 days ago
Lol thats why you never buy a woman anything specially not on the first day with her.... lesson learnt there
5 days ago
We were completely bullied and outplayed by Crystal palace in the 2nd Half and that had nothing to do with possession football, our players were weak
3 weeks ago
We need to go back to the 451 we were playing last season, the midfield of Herrera, Schneiderlin and Bastian would dominate every single team in this league but...
1 month ago
You might need some of that luck the way your club is being run atm lol, how ironic!
Who cares if you have the better line up?
We always make s**t teams look good lol, I thought I was the only one that noticed it
They'll just typically wait until we lose again like they always do
Most of them are liverpool and Arsenal fans, i dont expect any less from them.... 4kin Shaka hislop said liverpool were better than us right after they lost 3 0...
Prove it!
2 months ago
I don't see what rooney adds to this team anymore, maybe someone call tell me
Saw him play for the first time against Arsenal, his ball control, dribbling, speed are just fantastic for a 19 yr old, reminds me of aguero, obviously not quit...
Are u serious? did he break someone's leg again?
Shaw broke his leg... 4k
2 kids lol, i'm 22 and I can't even dream of having a kid lmao
Truth is no one really gives a 4k about Chelsea or man city, they care what we do so much cos we are the biggest, most popular team in England so everyone wants...
As long as Hodgson Roy is England's manager, nothing will change he always worries more about opposition than trusting his own players which is why England are ...
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