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What happened to the long lengthened highlights Footytude use to do?? Lift your game, FT.
Not a bizarre signing at all. Why did we sign him, you ask? Because this is Moyes's signing, that's why. We can't see what Moyes is truly capable of as a mana...
Great game, Wazza, but don't wear a bra around your head next time!
Ohhh man, gotta feel sorry for Lukaku!
I remember the days when you guys played without Lampard, and hardly won any of 'em.
Wenger - full of pride, never listens to what his fans what him to do. Piers Morgan may be a twat, but he's right about one thing - Wenger should be sacked if t...
LOL Kagawa and Fabio are black!
Played great? Have u even watched the full game or just judged their performance from the highlights?
What's this? A liverpool fan is trying to taunt us?
Although I'm Korean and I understand that we both have bee heated rivals for centuries now, I wouldn't say Japan played rubbish in this game - they actually cre...
5 years ago
Hahaha, wow....
It's Hodgeson's boring-ass 'play-safe' tactics, I'm telling you.
You say that money played a part in Bayern's success, but if you look at the bigger picture, Bayern munich started off just like BvB a few decades ago, so eith...
I'm amazed no one mentioned anything about Paul Scholes retiring as well!! #RESPECT HIS MAJESTY, THE REAL GINGER PRINCE OF ENGLAND (not Harry)
K, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. Stop crying now.
But you support Werder Bremen...
What do you mean "aw"? Are you a City fan as well?
Now that's a Giant killing! Fantastic!
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