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Ajax Vs. AZ
Maybe it didnt kill you but clearly that ping-pong ball did some permanent damage. Happy Christmas.
Totally unneccessay from Ashley Williams. If you watch the replay, there was clear intent. Hes not even looking at the ball when he kicks it lol. That doesnt e...
De Gea had the same problem last season. Both keepers are still so inexperienced.
Dortmund impressive as always but the Ajax keeper was truly awful.
That 'overhead' beats Zlatan's everytime. Atleast Mexes set himself up instead of the goalkeeper assisting him.
Typical Utd. Always the hard way.
France must've not got the memo, Evra can defend anymore.
Apparently he'll announce it tonight at 5pm. Your welcome to him; hes been taking the piss for the last couple of weeks.
@RedbloodDrippin, Some people just dont like Chelsea. And Im one of them lol!
6 years ago
Bayern f***ed up! Chelski are officially a big club now. f****k!!
YESS!! lmao @ Mourinho running off.
Bilbao do it again. Brilliant game. Could've gone either way though.
We didnt ask Scholes to come back. Scholes asked if he could come back. Theres a difference.
I hope not, but to be honest I can see it happening. Better start praying now..
I think it was a heart-attack or seizure from what I've heard. I didnt see the incident but the players looked petrified.
Looked like some atmosphere over there. Even Rooney's goal was applauded.
I've heard that he got a serious injury and hasnt been the same since. If thats true then hes the last thing we need right now.
@Smtbgame, I was just about to post the same comment. Hes been terribly unlucky this season.
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