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Dgrant117 (Darren Grant) United States
University student in the USA studying Criminal Justice, currently a fourth year student. Been a United supporter since I was 12 years old, the first match that drew me in, was ...
Dom1878 (Domenico) from Beau-Bassin, Mauritius
I'm from Mauritius and in my country their are two main events each year: Man Utd vs. Liverpool & Vice Versa. It's like our super ball. I went to see a game at OT when i was 10 ...
Dpes (Dipesh Deuja) from Bhaktapur, Nepal
Dradox (Renee Ploompuu) Estonia
DTaDiablo (Adam Murdoch)
and England
DwayneGooney (Hernan Mendez)
California Livin, Nor Cal 707 I enjoy to puff on a joint while juggling a football :)
ERFANERi (Erfan Khodai) from Ottawa, Canada
Extery (Erik Mouhanna) Sweden
A young swede with a huge passion for football. Mostly English football.
I am Chelsea and Madrid fan
I support Manchester United since 2000-2001 and my biggest hero's in football are: David Beckham, Van Nistelrooy, Scholes,Cristiano Ronaldo,Ronaldo,and Ronaldinho.
GGMU4EveR (Tyler Purcell) from Widnes, England
I'm 18 years of age, I like to play football, and get out a lot. If you want to talk with me, when I'm online I can talk! :)
Gohonaf (Kuwashi Yuta Pain)
At the age of 20, i witnessed something i never expected to ever see in my life. On 8/28/2011, Manchester United defeated arsenal 8-2. The worse lose to that team since 1896! :D ...
Gsiofy (George) USA
Soccer Doctor
Kick4Life - changing lives through football