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O dear no i never meant that. just saying Rio and Rooney weren't cheap. but they were worth every penny. comparing them with the hefty price tag attached with C...
7 years ago
Ferdinand and Rooney were not cheap but if you compare us with the rest of the league, we're actually spending rather modestly. 30 mil for Berba was outrageous ...
There's no need to spend 50mil on Torres, when you have Javier Hernandez. Top of the league, quiet in the market, a true definition of Man Utd. I love our sco...
Disappointing how we fail to pay tribute to Mark Clattenburg.
Luck is a case of rare fluke results. to churn wins out of games that you don't seem to be playing well in is stuff of champions, a winning mentality that break...
Dear Real, City and Chelsea, If Hernandez comes to your mind during the transfer window in years to come, kindly scrap the thought and we would suggest you spe...
Its only a matter of time before they'll say 'the ball was too round'
Agreeing with Shiwa here. Nani is a very talented player with an eye for goal. He ISN'T selfish, contrary to popular belief. Its just his decision making is poo...
I think Scholes is getting too bored lifting trophies. C'mon one more season PLEASE.
Ryan Giggs starred in all 6 Star Wars films, as The Force.
1) It's Man Utd 2) He scored a winning free-kick against Arsenal in the 07-08 season in which we won the Premier League title. 3) He started in the CL fin...
I think Leonaidas of Sparta reincarnated into person we now know as Vidic.
Relax tony. if you check you'll realise every single post i make is on the United site. that's all i concern myself with. hence, you will notice my desperate at...
Don't you just hate it when United claim a convincing victory but it's immediately smeared by rubbish. namely, 'bad pitch', 'biased referees', 'lucky goal'. giv...
Haters gunna hate
There may be more within Bale but he's got the world's attention so his price tag would be rather inflated. (I'd be lying if i said I wouldn't want Bale) United...
It's ironic how we detest City and Real for spilling cash on star players, trying to force together a team of world-class players, and yet some United fans dema...
I believe what the pastor is preaching bout is that Milan are far from United after Orlov stated we're the best. just my 2 pence.
INTER. Thrash Rafa to scare the s**t out off the other teams. May even do the footballing world a favour by humiliating Rafa til he goes back to being a chef.
If United aren't marking him, it means they'll slash right through him once he's on the ball. give him a sec on the ball and he'll play someone behind United's ...
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