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Eisai ellhnas k ipostirizeis tin paragka tis agglias (dld ton olympiako tis agglias). Nuff said...
7 years ago
Nice job pensioners, maybe u sud give a trial to attkinson to play for ur team i mean he has a right age for ur pathetic team!
U obviously have nothing to do with football go watch something else that suits u... david luiz terry and ramirez the onlty thing they were doing was hittin our...
Ok i have 2 questions about our players... 1st what the f is wrong with rio, why that stupidhead smalling playin on the back... he gave the ball to the opponent...
Uppp from me too mr yellow, nice comment and u earn my respect!
Cudnt describe it better.... 3rd goal was like multiple orgasms!
Hahaa u kidding right? blackpool can beat scousers cause they suck monkey's ass! they cud easily fight from relegation at the end of the season
Yassine i can understand ur bitter comment, u ll end up like chelsea... 50 years without a championship! keep dreamin that u ll reach united someday!
The gap is 6 points and we hav to play at blackpool too so it cud become 9 points easily
Poor chelski now they don hav the fear factor and their crap player get older and older they will get back to the good ol 5th-8th finishing position.... well i ...
RIP CHELSEA 2004-2010.... mayb in another 50 years!
Agree though i think chelsea wont b in the race for too long... they are old with no depth and they lost the fear factor, lets b honest that was the only thing ...
Are u high or something dude? chelsea wud fight for 2nd/3rd place.... only team can cope up with us is arsenal,
Ye put little rafa in there and BUY A RIGHT BACK FFs cause as much as i love rafa he is a little brainless at the moment, get lahm fergie wake up and if u want ...
Get used to it chelski s**t! coz if u win it it wud b permanent! sunderland has twice championships from u!
8 years ago
Ronaldo my ass... he can grab a pak of tissues and watch united roarin again while cryin his skinny ass out!! hahahah!
Ok we were lucky on 1st goal but so was milan, ronaldinho's shoot was goin nowhere near inside the net! so shut it all you haters, even how our team is now we s...
Yea go home chelsea... u ll win epl in anothe 50 years!!
Scousers the cleverest supporters on earth!!! hahhahaha! really u cant b so stupid....
Nice job, keep holdin foster under the posts, at the most crucial time when we equalised and we had like 35 mins to win it he cant hold the ball and we r down a...
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