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5 years ago
Barcafan1351 he only did that twice you fool....stop being such a hater and go watch barca vids instead.
6 years ago
Shame Ozil didn't score after that nutmeg!
Ket barca take CdR....we will take la liga and CL! :D
7 years ago
Please get a life and worry about playing in Europa league
Get serious please!
Bilboy i sense great respect for the spanish big 2! LOL! Thank you...i too feel the same way regardless of who Manchester plays in the final :/
My goodness! Nacho is better than Albiol! :O
Haha! well said Altocirrus :D
4th time...Sevilla won it twice
Tell me where the are the epl teams in Europa? Villareal are looking like the main contenders to win it so shut up and even in CL a Spanish side is more likely ...
Kristian90, you're probably the biggest idiot i ever saw on this website. Disgrace? Get real! Spurs indeed will put up a fight but to say without a doubt that t...
It shows that clearly the spanish league has the most amount of skills...everyone gets eaten up the spanish league even by mediocre sides XD
Actually he's already in Sao Paolo..the contract took immediate effect :/
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