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6 years ago
Congratulations to Barcelona!!!
AMAZING UNITED!!!!! I wish MAN U the best of all chances against the CHEAT BARCELONA ON MAY 28th!!!!!! I love the style MAN U PLAYS!!!! CLASSIC!!!
Messi wont score 42+ goals in EPL, guaranteed!!
Http:// AMAZING VIDEO!!! Proves how Messi hasnt done a s**t, yet!! untill he goes to EPL and wins some cups, including Cha...
Messi, hasnt done a s**t yet!!!! untill he goes to EPL and wins a champions league!!!
Http:// AMAZING VIDEO!!! Proves how Messi hasnt done a s**t, yet!!
AMAZING VIDEO!!! Proves how Messi hasnt done a s**t, yet!!
Proves he can only score in La LIga!!!! he is not the best, the Barca team is the best team in the world!!!!
Agreed ManUndt10, Agreed!!! They both are great!!!!I just prefer Ronaldo over Messi, just like anyone else prefers Messi over Ronaldo.
If you're sooo smart..go coach a team....instead of wasting ur time on footytube......
Dudu, calm down!! You go play against Sevilla, and if you beat them with your team, then call them garbage...
But, Messi's style of scoring is getting boring and boring every single game. Most of us already know how he's going to score tom if he's to score tom against E...
Morinho will def. will go to the final in next year's UCL....
I hope Barca gets banned for 2 years for all that s**t...
I hope Man United wins..but with all this diving and cheating, i am worried that Barca will win with 14 players..
Btw, when Puyol should invite Blatter to lift it with him because the officials deserved it too..
Hitch,, you're right dude...Barcelona will dominate and bore everyone with their boring passes..and they'll certainly will win with 14 players..i agree..
Furgusan and his team are real futball players who can hold their ground on the pitch and works hard for the win. F*** Barca
Guys, Barcelona has been playing for so long and they're a really good, they got the officials on their side. That being said, Morinho did heck of a...
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