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Brazil; Real Madrid & Ac Milan.

Ronaldinho & Kaka are my two favorite players of all time. I will always support and defend them if necessary.

My favorite players at the moment:

1.Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (Ronaldinho)
2.Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (Kaka)
3.Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro (Cristiano Ronaldo)
4.Thiago Silva
5.Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva (Lucas Moura)
Barcelona's boring style, Joey Barton, Bayern, Juve, INTER and FRANCE...oh god I hate the France national team so much...
Semi-Pro (Forward)
Big Kaka and Ronaldinho fan. Grew up watching the Samba style and fell in love with football because of those damn Brazilians!
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No class what so ever. So glad he's out of Madrid.
57 minutes ago
3 months ago he was good enough to bench Mata, now hes a 'sorry excuse of a number #10'? Lol, you guys change your mind fast than a 6 year old girl changes her ...
2 hours ago
What happened to Cech?
3 hours ago
Final? uhm..
2 days ago
No. Barça were missing Pique and Valdes. Bartra was injured too, but he played through the pain.
I feel like I've seen your user name before. Am I going crazy or are you returning after a long time?
He called Bale's goal a defensive mistake? Lol. I've heard it all.
After watching the Bale goal 4562 times, I felt bad for Bartra because he injured his hamstring right when he pushed Bale. Even though he was in pain, he gave 1...
Haha great picture. I still think if Di Maria passed the ball to Bale more (or at least once) in the first half then we would have ended the game.
This commentator is not biased...LOL!
Can you guys imagine what Ronaldo would have done to this Barcelona defense? :O
Did you see the players giving Isco hugs when he was getting subbed off? I thought he did really, really well today. He worked his ass off in defense and was gr...
Well, if we play like this against Bayern we will get hammered. So wasteful its sad. Hopefully we have Ronaldo back by then!
If Di Maria wasn't a selfish brat (he had an awesome game though, lol) Bale would have ended Barcelona's dream before the half.
We were so wasteful today. Di Maria didn't pass the ball to Bale once today...and it pissed the s**t out of me. Today's Bale's night. We won the trophy becaus...
Is Messi playing?
I feel the same way guys! Maybe Ramos isn't 100% yet?
3 days ago
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