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Brazil; Real Madrid & Ac Milan.

Ronaldinho & Kaka are my two favorite players of all time. I will always support and defend them if necessary.

My favorite players at the moment:

1.Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (Ronaldinho)
2.Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (Kaka)
3.Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro (Cristiano Ronaldo)
4.Thiago Silva
5.Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva (Lucas Moura)
Barcelona's boring style, Joey Barton, Bayern, Juve, INTER and FRANCE...oh god I hate the France national team so much...
Semi-Pro (Forward)
Big Kaka and Ronaldinho fan. Grew up watching the Samba style and fell in love with football because of those damn Brazilians!
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FIFA is ready to punish us for signing underage players. If we get a transfer ban similar to Barcelona, we will be fighting for a spot in Europa League.
10 hours ago
You guys should have sold Yaya while he was still worth something. I don't know how this happened, but he's been utter garbage for 2 years now. The kind of mone...
15 hours ago
This is Nacho's chance to prove his quality. He won't get this kind of chance at Madrid ever again...
20 hours ago
Kroos didn't start in the Champions league so I'm guessing he will start on Sunday.
It amazes me how some managers get the best out of players, while others make them look like amatures. Kroos is a perfect example.
2 days ago
Anyone else kinda sick of Bale? I was a huge Bale supporter when he first joined the club, but now that I think about it he's actually caused a lot of s**t in t...
4 days ago
Forget about not winning the last two games (we are used to playing catch up with Barcelona) it's the manner in which we lost is what everyone is worried about....
OH my good god! Please please come back King Carlo! Though, I read somewhere (don't know if it's true) that Carlo is keen on joining an EPL side this summer.
Any chance of Mourinho returning?
As much as I respect Zidane, he is not ready to be head coach of Madrid. The only managerial experience he has is Castilla and he got them relegated...
We can't let Perez do whatever the hell he wants. It's getting out of hand. Everyone wanted Di Maria to stay, but Perez sold him and called him greedy for wanti...
6 days ago
At least it wasn't 0-5.
If this was Carlo's team then Casemiro would get benched and Isco would start, but this Rafa we're talking about.
1 week ago
Bale --- Ronaldo --- James ------------Kroos--------------- -----Modric --- Casemiro--- Marcelo -- Ramos -- Varane -- Carvajal This is my expected line up for...
There was a Barcelona fan that made this comment 'Ronaldo (Real Madrid): "Five promising players? I will mention Odegaard, Hazard, Depay is a good player too...
They 'maximized' the security for the Clasico this Saturday. Scary stuff happening in Europe at the moment.
We've always 'wanted' Lewa ever since he scored 4 goals against us. Having said that, I wouldn't see why he would leave a club like Bayern.
Wow. Airing what I said to everyone here? That's a new low man. Not cool.
As you know there's a Whatsapp group that my brother and I created. I would love to add you there so you and I could clear up our s**t. Also, the Clasico is com...
I'm not in love with Ronaldo. I laugh at the fact that you guys dispise him so much when NONE of you ever met him. I'm willing to bet none of you even saw him l...
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