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Brazil; Real Madrid & Ac Milan.

Ronaldinho & Kaka are my two favorite players of all time. I will always support and defend them if necessary.

My favorite players at the moment:

1.Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (Ronaldinho)
2.Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (Kaka)
3.Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro (Cristiano Ronaldo)
4.Thiago Silva
5.Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva (Lucas Moura)
Barcelona's boring style, Joey Barton, Bayern, Juve, INTER and FRANCE...oh god I hate the France national team so much...
Semi-Pro (Forward)
Big Kaka and Ronaldinho fan. Grew up watching the Samba style and fell in love with football because of those damn Brazilians!
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Lmao how pathetic is your daily life that you believe his kind of bullshit?
2 weeks ago
Vallejo? Lmao we need to sign a real world class centre back.
3 weeks ago
Yup. Not only are both refs of La Liga and CDR are against you and want you to lose but the guys that schedule the league and cup games are also against you. ...
I swear these professionals are a bunch of pussies. The slightest knock and they go down for 4 weeks. Bale should have never became a football player. He has ...
1 month ago
I meant someone who isn't injury prone smartasses.
I like Bale the player, he's not as good as people say he is, but none the less he's a good player. We need someone, like Ronaldo, who hardly gets injured. We w...
We pay Bale millions of pounds every year and he misses half of it due to injury. How does a player with the resources he has get injured so often? He is not re...
I'll answer this. Barcelona would humiliate any EPL side. They would make Chelsea, for example, look like high school boys. Not to mention overrate sides like ...
So none of you know any details about this and you're still hating? Lmao. Pathetic.
2 months ago
@Sianivincible and that was like, what, 10 years ago? Since then we've won more titles than Arsenal fans can only have wet dreams about.
Maybe you're not that good in FIFA.
^ Lol I love this guy!
We will make Leicester our bitch. Same goes for Arsenal. Monaco, however, has been rock solid in defense. I certainly wouldn't want to face them.
Vasques might as well play as RB from now. James has created more chances in today's match than Vasques has all season. I get that managers like players who def...
Lol maybe he will retire, cry, blame the board and then return the next match day.
Is Messi going to call another interview with Barca TV, like last year, and put all the blame on Enrique?
He will miss the Atletico, Barca and Dortmund match... ugh
3 months ago
^ see this guy's logic? Lmao
Hating on Ronaldo has somehow became even more 'cool' than when he was at United. Couple days ago I read online that Messi deserves the Ballon D'or based on hi...
Angry? Lmao
4 months ago
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