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Brazil; Real Madrid & Ac Milan.

Ronaldinho & Kaka are my two favorite players of all time. I will always support and defend them if necessary.

My favorite players at the moment:

1.Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (Ronaldinho)
2.Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (Kaka)
3.Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro (Cristiano Ronaldo)
4.Thiago Silva
5.Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva (Lucas Moura)
Barcelona's boring style, Joey Barton, Bayern, Juve, INTER and FRANCE...oh god I hate the France national team so much...
Semi-Pro (Forward)
Big Kaka and Ronaldinho fan. Grew up watching the Samba style and fell in love with football because of those damn Brazilians!
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No Jese is still about a month away from getting back into the side.
5 hours ago
Well he's just stopped coming around in the last month. Maybe he's just busy with real life stuff? Anyway it's kinda disappointing, I really liked the guy.
9 hours ago
What happened to @Mt1234?
11 hours ago
Whatever man. We need a badass like yourself to take control of this chat.
Right now Bale is in his prime where as Neymar is still learning his footballing ABC's. In a few years, Neymar will become the best player in the world...just w...
Apparently Ronaldo has never scored at Anfield...
Ffs man.. Why does this kinda stuff always happen in big games? ... edit: well, looks like Isco will get his chance against Liverppol AND Barcelona.
12 hours ago
Lets make something straight, because I have a feeling I'm going to get into a lot of trouble. I'm not saying the current mods aren't doing a good job and are a...
I've had something on my mind regarding the whole 'the Madrid chat needs a mod of its own' When Matt and Lee first made this site they picked users like Tony,...
1 day ago
I would have said use a thing called Google, but I'm feeling nice La Liga: 1 goal, 2 assists Champions League 1 goal Supercopa 1 goal UEFA Supercu...
Meh. I'm not too bothered.
Ahh, @SanchezAlexis, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this! I would go with... ------NAVAS?------ Arbeloa--Pepe--Varane--Nacho -----Illara--Kroos--Is...
Chelo! Where have you been man!
I think this is the first away match we had more than 10 Maridista's in the stands...
2 days ago
Edit: wrong chat...
It won't happen.
You guys really think Munir is ready to start in an El Caslico? If I were Enrique, I'd go with MSN. ...but for Madrid's sake, start Munir, Pedro and Sandro...
You guys are discrediting Benzema a little too much. Hes not in the top 5 ST in Europe, but he really connects well with Bale and Ronaldo. I would go with Benze...
3-0. Lmao...
I read it on twitter. I thought it was pretty funny.
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