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This article says it all why we r not winning trophies
2 years ago
^^I'll drink to what u just said m8. Spot on! I just don't understand y dont a grown up man like Perez get it that he should just let the coaches do their work....
I think I gave the answer to the central Q of ur post earlier in a response to Hikmat and I absolutely agree with all ur points in this post. Truth be told Pere...
@Malik Couldn't have said it better bro! Perez is the main culprit. I appreciate him taking care of our financial situations but when it comes to building a te...
Congrats guys! I'd say u have one foot in the final. And hats off to Messi...the greatest player of his generation. In my book he is not the greatest ever but m...
Here's a thought. We all know how Pep celebrates when his team scores in this kind of big matches(and i mean that in a good way of course, so trollers plz bugge...
This tune is stuck on my head now..darn! this one is funny too!
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Lol, really dude? how is that even remotely relevant to the discussion above may I ask? I appreciate ur fact checking though. I hope more cules and my fellow ma...
Lucky we can accept, its the 'as usual' part which doesnt make any sense to me. By that standard we can point a host of matches where Barca or any other big clu...
Coudn't have said it better...i seriously don't want him as our president anymore
4 years ago
Ok..enough is enough....this has gone way beyond stupid...Can't keep my silence anymore...I really want to get a baseball bat and hit Uncle Perez on his head......
My salute to u guyz! what a endless applause to a wonderful team! is my love but bayern is the team i've always admired the most..i have the utmost respect for this wonderful football club since I started w...
Im with u hikman..i'll root for dortmund as well
I'm thinking if Pep is sweating like a pig season he might have to answer to press "why bayern aren't playing like last season?" or "why cant we see ...
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Pepe is a beasty dumbish defender..i've always thought of him that way
Well said..havent felt this low for years as a madridista! all credit goes to dortmund
The problem with us is we are never day we can be super brilliant and other days we act like dead men on the pitch...unless we have a super bril...
Now that Bayern are almost in the finals, the funny thing is no matter who advances from tomorrow's match, both the teams have good chances to beat this Bayern ...
No disrespect to anyone but the job is actually ain't nou camp im 100% sure bayern will again go for it and they are very capable of sc...
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5 years ago
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