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Sorry, but why do Arsenal not deserve to win? Is it because their players don't dive or is it because they don't physically try to chew the other team out? Or ...
8 years ago
Wow.. Van persie is AWESOME! Lucky spurs, but I guess they deserved it. Hope arsenal can get its players fit.
True, but Iniesta opens up so so much, making both the flanks open up and committing 2 players from the opposition covering for the left and right, leaving spac...
Yea, but it is hard to not boo players like lucas and stuff. But, when they score we can atleast show our appreciation even surprised ones right?
Honestly there should be another column in the stats sheet - "Fouls not called by Referee" after seeing this match.
Clear cut? Apart from Van der waart, there were no clear cut chances. Dont be fooled by camera angles, Barca defence cut down angles very well this match. I th...
True that man, Valdes has been so consistent as well as even Pepe reina. After the shambolic goal keeping display Reina put in last season, it is truly astonish...
Hello Captain Obvious!
ZIDANE and Michael Jordan
I did speak on my behalf only and to be honest I would have said the same thing you said even just a month back. It is better to see how they coped with their ...
In recent times.
Hey interesting comments on the United-Blackburn page. I sort of feel the same way about money in clubs, but have learnt to temper my opinion a bit. Think about...
Dude, I don't wish anything. I just don't like money doing all the talking that is all. I know Chelski had a lot of injuries too, and they did cope well and wh...
GOD! it has been SOOOOO looong since we have beaten a good team by a nice margin. I just hope Man City slip up, sheesh I hope we don't have to play in the Euro...
@Momoe, are you daft? Ramos was lucky to stay on the field! He viciously brought Messi down and Messi replied to that with the first GOAL. And Casillas was go...
All the best performing players this season are ARGENTINES! Right from Tevez to Higuan to Messi to Di Maria to Mascherano to Cambiasso to Milito(diego). But n...
I am happy Barca won, but it seems very unfair to bash Real Madrid. I thought Real played very well till Xavi and Messi decided to change their fate. But regar...
@Lutheking, it is because Utd's luck has *finally* run out. Otherwise we could have seen I don't know lets see 10 extra min or when scholes went down a penalty...
People in glass houses should not throw stones. Just a friendly piece of advice.
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