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Haha, so what?! Wouldn't change a thing about Cristiano :)
6 years ago
Ahh! These are the kind of games you gotta love Madrid for! Well done Mourinho and the team! Awesome spirit boys! Congrats for another amazing away victory :)))...
Manok: No infact I would ask Real Madrid to pay Barca to keep hold of likes of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta. Its makes for a challenge that way! We've won it all and...
Oh! sorry, you guys have spent around £305 million since 2008. Ahhh! 3 and 5 seasons make long term indeed. Anyway, if you are happy with that its your busines...
Yeah poor Barca spend only around 300 million to put a team together and not many of your coaches have been long term either! Poor Pep feels the pressure after ...
Its about time RVP moved on to Real Madrid! Would be a dream to see him alongside CR, Kaka, Benzema, Ozil woooo hooo! C'mon RVP you know you'll be judged as a ...
What I like most about Jose is that he's just making sure that if Barca win any trophy, they must go through Real Madrid. But Barcelona are pulling the trigger ...
Exactly my point! If you recall Barca have always had to beat Madrid to win La Liga. Madrid have always kept the season more or less alive till the latter stage...
Firstly, being a Real Madrid fan I have utmost RESPECT for Barcelona. But, I doubt that you can keep experimenting with the line-ups, have average games during ...
You got to be crazy to write off United to win the premiership now. United have been there and done that, pressure on City. Its only going to get more and more ...
Haha, dumb asses! Real Madrid is a club run by its supporters ie elected members - socios. Its not run by some rich owner. Our presidents get elected :P You wou...
Haha, its funny how so many current Barca fans study Madrid's wikipedia history religiously! @cfroyalbaba please get a life and cry somewhere else :P
Busi's cheeky smile at 19:14 is soooo wicked! Must say has a sense of humour that fellow. Quite a character ;)
Lol it was you who came up with the movie comment...I only named the leading actor, who btw, was smirking when Ramos' goal was disallowed. I must say, I do like...
"Madrid's victory earned them a last-four meeting with either Valencia or Levante." What cheeky reporting by the BBC. I like that! Think the reporter knows what...
And football, Real Madrid, Barcelona were only discovered from 2010 eh? How old are you kid? For Christ's sake there used to be a day when Baptista of all peopl...
Rather convenient, the ref did not seem to miss Busi's pole dance. But, what man can ignore such a rolly polly eh?! Dirty mind :P
I can write it on stone ma' man, Barca will defend their CL title my ass :P Not While we are around anyway! Sweet dreamz ...baba. Btw, most experts of football ...
I repeat, we indeed did win the football match, the ref was watching something else :P
You only won cause things beyond football is on your side! We won by heart, you won by hiding!
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