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Chelsea Vs. PSG
Ramswa just Watched
Ramswa just Watched
Pepe being a piece of s**t as usual. Can't believe Bale didn't get a PK for the tackle on him. The defender completely missed the ball and clubbed through his ...
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True but the Van Persie red against Barca was a complete crock of s**t. Break away, ref 60yds away blows whistle while he's winding up to take a shot, 2nd yell...
Love it! The tackle by Fortune was insane.
Soldado... 30million... what?
When these two teams played earlier in the season the ref gave Costa no foul calls. They don't seem to like him too much. Ramos fouls all the damn time, sick ...
If you watch the shot replay from behind the player you can see he was unsighted until it passed the 18.
Run in to penalty box with no control and run in to the defender trying to kick a ball 5yds away from you = penalty kick? I expected Zenit to score given Dortm...
Why is it ok for keepers to miss the ball completely and punch people in the side of the head? If you miss the ball in a tackle it's a foul, but a keeper can w...
Someone give Henderson a map so he can get in the game. What the hell were they thinking bringing him in and losing Meireles!? Suarez needs someone a little...
6 years ago
Hey look, none of Sunderlands forwards scored...
Ramirez, Torres, Rooney x2, Berbatov. Take away the two goals United got for offsides and it's still 4-3 with everyone hitting their chances. Quite a game tho...
Henderson looks completely lost every time I see Liverpool play. Meireles is miles ahead of him and they let him go, so stupid. Also not sure how Carroll is s...
F**K YOU JOHN HARKES!!!! Worst representation we could have announcing these games for the U.S. He sounds like he's trying to figure out what he's watching wh...
Also Valencia should have been pulled. All he did was give up around 10 free kicks. Nani was the better choice in the end.
Would somebody mark Messi!? Never seen United give players so much space, was very odd. Can't fault the outcome though, all the goals were class and Barca simp...
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If Aston Villa gets relegated with this current squad then their players need to be investigated for gambling. There is way too much talent on that team to eve...
7 years ago
If it's obviously going in then why can't they just give the goal as well? They've changed rules before to compensate the game, this would simply see the right...
They should just be allowed to award the goal in situations like this. There was absolutely no penalty for Uruguay because of the actions of Suarez. All 3 bil...
I would bet a good 10 of these pages are taken up by Jackie123 haha.
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