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Wilshere is done... Played well for a while got the money in and now longer cares. Everytime I see him 'run' around the field all I can hear in my head is "cl...
3 weeks ago
Cjayzz, I never said you were talking balls neither did I resort to name calling but I guess this is normal for you? Given that you're such a football connois...
1 month ago
I agree completely with your comments and see them positively and not bashing in the slightest. Each of the three players have their qualities and weaknesses ...
Cjayzz, Muller was hardly Germany's hardest working player? Where do you get this nonsensical idea from? If anything Muller probably worked harder then any ot...
I agree but what about Klose? This wasn't his finest tournament but my god the man has been excellent in all the years!
Ozil was scary last night, for someone who was always believed to be unable to finish 90minutes ran and played full on for 120 like he was on crack! As for his...
What's with Messi and vomiting mid game?
Not really.
Khedira would come to Arsenal if given the option I'd imagine... We got dem killer krauts up in 'ere.
Bela Rethy all day!
5 months ago
6 months ago
Oh dear, his performance will now slip because of this I assure you! Let's hope Sanogo is a fast learner!
Https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=669888909720370&set=vb.266828596693072&type=2&theater So fecking funny.... Nearly pee'd mah little panties.
RaggaTrip updated his profile
I don't think Arsenal will win the title. Performance has slipped where it really should be on the up, and hoping city or chelsea drop points to rely on getting...
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