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‎"I think our record this season has been excellent. We have won some really important games, but tonight we were beaten by probably, in fact definitely, the ...
7 years ago
Once you see a team "getting lucky" all the time then you shouldn't consider that luck at all. because luck is a constant thing... It is pure brilliance ! Alex...
Maybe you watched a Different match.. United clearly played a better game.. Chelsea depends on deflections for goals.. Unlucky for you guys today no deflections...
Asif5th... You need to go and Focus on the Emirates Cup its coming up very soon.. Thats the only thing you can WIn..
Wenger won a trophy in what they call his 7 years of drought.. They had to create a cup so they can say they won it.. The Emirate Cup ! Come on now Arsenal i ex...
Barca is having a good run but UNITED will put a stop to that.. Barca played well in general but made many mistakes as well defensively if they were playing Uni...
Liverpool's fate is just like Leeds.. wait and see.. We welcome you at United before your ill-fated team gets relegated.. United the Champs...
Great Game.. Hernandez still has time at United... Berbatov was a lil selfish... The bottom line is we won n thats what matters...
Good game from England.... Gyan superb goal
Remember the team u talking about is UNITED
Fletcher is a good player. We need him at times.. O'shea as well.. maybe we should release Carrick on a free transfer to Arsenal or some low level team
Rooney re-engineered the bicycle kick.. The Commentator couldn't but give credit when it was due.. Cheers to the Rooney Kick..
You are talking as if United is Arsenal... "Who knows what will happen" We all know that United is going through...
I have a FEELING barca are not going through
Brazil won by Luck. It is clear that the replay does not show all the chances that Tanzania got through the first and second half. Ramirez and Robinho benefite...
8 years ago
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