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O ser Atleticano
(by Roberto Drumond, Legendary Brazilian writer and journalist)

The Atleticano is different from any other supporter
He is different, because they don't limit themselves to be
solemnly a supporter
to be Atleticano is like a marriage
in health and in sickness
for better or for worse
even when the sickness doesn't seem to go away
and the worse remains
the Atleticano is capable of,
after a humiliating defeat,
Grab his shirt out of the closet
and go out on the streets
even being target for mockeries
that is because the Atleticano doesn't support a team
They support a nation
and like in a war
a citizen doesn't negate a country,
even when the defeat is great,
the Atleticano supports his team in the face of defeat
because the obstacles strengthen
his feeling of nationalism
and forgive me those that only have titles
of course they are important
but the Atleticano has something the other will never have
they have passion
they have the Clube Atletico Mineiro.

if a white and black shirt hangs from a clothes-line during a storm, the Atleticano cheers against the wind.

What is it to be Atleticano?
Is it a disease?
Maddening passion?
A pagan religion?
A blessing from heaven?
Great luck?

The Atleticano's first and only commandment is to be loyal and love "The Rooster" above anything else.
From that is why the Atletico Flag smells of everything in this world.
Smells of the sweat of the loved woman.
Smells of tears.
Smells of the shout of goal.
Smells of pain
Smells of celebration and joy.
It even smells of french perfume.
It only doesn't smell of mold, because it has never met the bottom of a closet, trembling flag.
We change everything in our lives
Change cities
Change clothes
Change Political Parties
Change Religion
Change customs
Even love, we change
We only don't change teams, when the team is a tattoo with the initials C.A.M, of Clube Atletico Mineiro, engraved in the heart
It's a blind love and it has the blindness caused by passion
I've seen Atleticanos act upon the club with the despairity and fury of the ones in love
I've seen Atleticanos rip up membership cards and swear: -I'll never support "The Rooster"
I've seen Atleticanos speak that way and right after they collect the ripped pieces and glue them together like a lover would do with the picture of the loved one
What is this mystery that Atletico has that sometimes it seems as if it was a person?
A person that we associate to the family members- dad, mom, brother, son, uncle, cousin?
that we get it confused with the love that our loved woman gives us?
What mystery has the Atletico that it seems like a religion?
That makes us feel like praying "Ave Atletico, full of grace"?
That we summon like we summon a saint of faith
What mystery is the Atletico that, to the mere presence to its white and black shirt, a miracle seems to happen
That everything feels up with joy at the sight of its flag
That everything transfigures in a white and black sea?
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Hey man, could you tell me all there is to know about Bernard? Cheers
Just wait until the end of the Libertadores to take him please, we still need him right now.
Just wait until the end of the Libertadores to take him please, we still need him right now.
So much hate towards Brazil here... I thought we were our own worst critics, guess f*****g not.
What exactly makes you HATE Brazil? That's a bit harsh, ain't it?
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About Bernard.... First of all, it isn't his first "good year". The only thing you guys have to worry about is toughing him up, he's young and small still, but ...
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They're trying to take the chance of a title away from us... f**k em, we'll fight against everything.
What a f*****g match... I thought i was going to die of a heart attack, I almost cried at the end hahaha f*****g amazing. Against all odds and all the corruptio...
Your new username has to be Ronaldinho108049 now!! haha
Do we get a legit page now that ronaldinho is playing for us?? PLEASE??
7 years ago
He's a must, if they can grab Coutinho as well, that would be awesome
If liverpool can sweep the other lucas from Sao Paulo and add to the midfield, that would be an amazing combination... I can't believe people still bash Lucas L...
Klose? yea, but Hernanes dictated the game for Lazio, dominated, and led the team to keep pushing and go forward. He has made such a difference, he should be le...
Hay man how are you?????????? so you take pics for a job or not
Ah santo kiolsven ia
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