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A. Delpiero, G. Vialli, F. Ravanelli, Z. Zidane, D. Deschamps, A. Dilivio, D. Trezeguet, L. Thuram, M. Padovano, M. Toricelli, I. Tudor, V. Jugovic, E. Davids, A. Boksic, M. Camoranessi, P. Nedved, P. Montero, C. Ferrara, A. Conte, M. Lippi, M. Zalayeta, S. Giovinco, G. Chiellini, A. Lombardo, D. Kovacevic, G. Pessotto, C. Marchisio, G. Buffon, A. Peruzzi, Rampulla, etc
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I am JUVENTINI since I was Born!
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How to be a pro in here? make me pro please :)
1 year ago
JUVENTUS VS the rest of the world NICE
You are a... La Liga BOSS But of course you are not in serie A.
2 years ago
Have a nice dream all... Forza Juventus, Hail Pirlo!
Goes to juve
Wow jackie, you make me feel home sick right now. Sorry jackie, im outside, i cannot watch your link, maybe later. Hmm, is that persiwa wamena or persipura jaya...
Also 2 YELLOW star Jackie.. I dream raja Nainggolan play with our jersey
I hate you ;p
The real Pinky squad ever!
This is what you get if you are spoiled person in serie a.. (Totti Kicks Balotelli !!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0Zsd38GssA
No Racism inside us! We are Bianconneri, we use "BLACK and WHITE stripes with 2 YELLOW star on our chest".. heuheuheu.. Being juventini instead being arrogant o...
Lolololololol :)
We will get those COPPA STAR!
FOR ALL JUVENTINI! THIS SONG FOR YOU GUYS, CHEERS AND ENJOY IT. EITS - your hand in mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36U4ez7AzKA and Nyctalhia - lost In t...
Balotteli is another disgrace in football history? sent him back to serie a and he will be as the bully target by other. SERIE A are more manly than premiership...
I cannot wait for juves another winning match.. We love JUVENTUS! Juventus for the world!
This is what you got when you practice your English in a wrong place and the wrong fans, poor me.. ;p
Jackie123, 4 high 5!
High five!
Why i always get troubled with inter fans :(
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