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4 years ago
Can you please delete my account as well. Thank you.
5 years ago
Do you know what soccer is? Or do you just watch highlights? Benzema just another over-hyped young player? Are you kidding me? Maybe you should think before you...
8 years ago
No I'm pretty sure I CAN say that Eto'o IS BETTER then Ibrahimovich. Probably because he IS BETTER. Better workrate, better goals to game ratio and overall just...
Have you seen who they played? Terrible teams. Only decent one was At. Madrid and his goal was put on a platter for him. Didnt do anything in the champions leag...
... Ok then... He was the only thing I didn't like about Manchester. Never have liked him never will. So uhhh I guess you're wrong then... hahaha :P
Eto'o is 100% better then Ibrahimovic. Ibra is so overated its not funny. And his goal was not "great" it was lucky. Why would you say his goal was great when i...
Ibrahimovic got lucky on his goal. Not sure but it might have just gone off his arm/shoulder. And his backheel was nice, maybe a bit lucky too. Still the most o...
No he's not. He's a baby. Glad he's finally gone from the Premier League. Sure he's got some talent... When he decides to use it. The other times he just rolls ...
Ibrahimovich is the most overrated player in the world. He sucks. Period.
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