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2 months ago
It wasn't even asensio, I can tell you were paying so much attention to the replays.
1 year ago
I'm so confused, is kicking players from behind in the stomach not a foul anymore? Edit: Chest not stomach and was more of a knee
Are you saying that wasn't a penalty? Benatia tried to kick the ball from behind Vazquez and hit him in the side.
But aren't you the one connecting football and his personal issues by suggesting the club should let him go over it? He is paid to play, not file taxes or act l...
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RMAforthewin being bored
The ball is what makes a player onside not the player with the ball
2 years ago
It was offsides because Muller was giving a pass to Lewa who tried to make a play on the ball. It should've been whistled dead well before the own goal.
Hey look you guys got your own DanTheGooner
Either both Casemiro or Vidal should've stayed on or both sent off
Thanks. Honestly the most satisfying part of the game was how silent the stadium was.
It's getting excessive. We just won a crucial game, I couldn't care less about Barca rn.
Probably because it was 2008, the year before everyone became a Barca fan
3 years ago
Look 3 or 4 comments below
Maybe he means own goals
It actually makes sense to use chelsea as an example. Yes your team currently carries English football, so doesn't that suggest something when you are knocked o...
4 years ago
Got excited too early lol
@sfc I haven't watched a game show in a whole but I'm pretty sure fifty fifty is when they eliminate one of the answers
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