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Hey. Don't shutter your account. Stay and keep posting strong opinions and even frustrations. It's cool. I'll defend you, but I'll also lay it straight and crit...
4 years ago
Nevermind..It's hard for me to stop joking,but some people should stop taunting me too,the temptation is strong,and to close this case please remove all the pos...
Well if he gets it then it won't be for his performance this summer but for his great games in the champions league and big matches in general...
I will try to survive this time by being completely serious with people,no more sarcasm no more jokes...They are welcome to vote me rude or silly anytime they w...
Did you see Coentrao though? He is a beast!
Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1ONpyGqi1k Ronaldo Goals against N.I -Edited to avoid looking like Ozil-
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Two cool vote for you dont worry mate it all will get more interesting again when the league is back...lol, hope you can give me a couple of cool ones too..:)
Before I leave you to your "important" business I gave you a thumbs up and a cool vote for being a really really great person.Thanks for making my day sir! *cl...
Voted you cool because of "how cool" you are...
Case closed. (probably,maybe..)
Super hat-trick! + Jese + Carvajal!!
I will not answer...My words will end the peace in these calm grounds,so I will only keep crucifying the guy in my cruel mind.
Thx for sharing your thoughts,I have no idea what will happen we could win 8/0 or lose 2/1...With these Isco injury news I'm a little confused about how we will...
@Tharius I meant..ugh if Zidane drinks Redbull he can play in that position but your idea is quite funny and...Gulp Gulp You have a great imagination sir! *Flie...
@Tharius The answer: Zidane + Redbull
Apparently,they were not joking at all :o http://www.defensacentral.com/real_madrid/92064-isco-real-madrid-lesion-entrenamiento-seleccion-espana/
Then it's some kind of sick joke? I was at a hairdressing salon and some friends of mine told me that it's legit news..I forgot to mention that they're Barcelon...
Is it true that isco was injured and we're going to miss him for 3 weeks? Any confirmation?
Your opinions on our next match: Sat, 14th September 2013 --- Villareal Vs Real Madrid How is Villareal this year? Will we struggle with them? What lineup wil...
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5 years ago
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