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Happy happy Jeroen! Socke was a beast these past few games, just look at yesterdays 69th minute how he mows through two Pony midfielders in a row. His connectin...
1 week ago
This has got to be the luck part we missed for so long... now, Now, NOW!!
I'm calling it. Everyone will get on the field mad as hell, for 90+ minutes we will unleash the big fury against the little ponies and win 3:0, and that is how ...
Read my comment again if you missed it. If you think the BVB is at fault for what the Turkish 'fans' did, then I can't wait to be back in Munich next year to d...
2 weeks ago
Agreed. That was just stupid, dangerous and beyond reckless. I would like to believe it was some sort of childish, media-hyped reaction to the recent Erdogan ca...
Immobile getting into cheeky-cheeky form tonight! :p
And that was just a counter-attack worthy of its name!
Was this our first goal from a standard this season? Surely felt like it. Felt good. :)
Unconvincing first half. As stated before, way too many unfinished passes, a goal that looked slightly off-side, all in all I'd say a somewhat lucky lead. But ...
Too many unfinished/intercepted passes...
Chances are, they end up drawn against Ludogorez Rasgrad or Olympiakos Piraeus (who through some sick form of divine humor probably end up beating out Liverpool...
Group stage. But at least they're not messing up our five year ranking, and with the likes of Son and Bellarabi (and partly Calhanoglu), they are no longer rel...
Ok guys, I have to apologize to you - I think our crappy BL performances are partly my fault. When we sealed the Kagawa deal, I said that we may be losing some ...
Good start, lets keep up the quick reactions and aggressive pressing. Hope we won't run out of steam (and luck) too soon. This will be one very long game.
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1 month ago
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I somehow feel the second goal would not have happened had Weidenfeller had more faith in our defense. But I guess he has good reasons not to atm, so if it rain...
You know what? I put my name down to it and say we will. We're practically through the group stage already, BL will be a bit of a hassle, but I think our form ...
Well, I'd say the goal was on Sokratis. Should have seen where Vogt was going and that nobody else could have stopped him. But that lack of 'ahead' vision is a ...
Wrong. Ilkay plays, Reus plays, Piszczek plays, Mikhi plays, Hummels plays, Shinji plays, Immobile plays... I know it is wrong that I have a hard on, but it's b...
I know some of you guys feel let down by the whole team, and say that it was the entire teams fault, but even though it doesn't make much difference, I'd still ...
1 year ago
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