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Arrivederci Italy! Now get that special training going!
1 month ago
Lol, you beat me to it! But yeah, 100% share your worries and doubt.
Anybody else disappointed about the poor performances by Immobile so far? I understand that everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt, but for a man of his pr...
While I got to give it to him that he scored, he was never a very robust player... watching him get pushed around all the time without ease was just as painful,...
Terrible refs again, but great, great performance by Robben tonight. And that van Persie header was something out of this world - so beautiful. Any true footbal...
I too agree that this is probably a hoax, but wanting to play the devils advocate for a moment - who do you think could we go after to take over Reus' position ...
You could actually see a lot of fans leaving around the 80th minute mark. But I'm sure most had the decency to stay till the end.
2 months ago
If the final was maybe next week, I'd say this bad form could carry on, but they have almost 3 weeks to come back from this. And after beating of this kind, jus...
Our friends on the ManU forum speculate that if van Gaal was to come, he would most likely play his 4-3-3 and find little use for someone like Kagawa in the squ...
3 months ago
Judging the character of the man, I honestly don't see that happening. He has seen player over player being lured to bigger clubs in the past, to not only see t...
Would you guys be interested in Jupp Heynckes? He's free, an absolute figure of authority, has coached top teams in Germany, Spain, Portugal... England next per...
@NiC17: He "was" de facto retired by the Guardiola signing. If I remember correctly, he felt he had still a couple of good coaching years in him, so I wouldn't ...
Jupp Heynckes.
So, with Moyes going bye bye, what are the chances of Shinji coming back? I hear they plan to do some massive signings over the summer, they may be forced to le...
As much as I like Gladbach and Mainz, I don't think they are competitive enough for the CL (neither this nor next year). They should represent us in the Euro Le...
Of all players, he deserved and needed that the most.
Deinonychus, Volland apparently stated that he is currently very happy at Hoffenheim and definitely plans on staying with them, thus excluding a transfer this s...
Grosskreutz ran the most with well over 13km. According to the official UEFA team statistic, we covered a total of 124.4km (close to our season high: 126.3km), ...
Looking at the lineup, I was wondering where he went... this is certainly good for us. Isco imho doesn't come close to him yet. Fingers crossed, but certainly d...
Ramos red, check. Hope Reus practices his penalties before the game.
4 months ago
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