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I somehow feel the second goal would not have happened had Weidenfeller had more faith in our defense. But I guess he has good reasons not to atm, so if it rain...
You know what? I put my name down to it and say we will. We're practically through the group stage already, BL will be a bit of a hassle, but I think our form ...
Well, I'd say the goal was on Sokratis. Should have seen where Vogt was going and that nobody else could have stopped him. But that lack of 'ahead' vision is a ...
Wrong. Ilkay plays, Reus plays, Piszczek plays, Mikhi plays, Hummels plays, Shinji plays, Immobile plays... I know it is wrong that I have a hard on, but it's b...
I know some of you guys feel let down by the whole team, and say that it was the entire teams fault, but even though it doesn't make much difference, I'd still ...
2 weeks ago
If we didn't perform so bad I'd write something along the lines of: LOL Schalke!1! or Athletico Madrid down 0-3 after 14 min ... but our current performance is ...
Surprised to not see any comments yet. Overall solid display, brilliant first goal prep by Kagawa, classic finishing by Ciro. Auba not with his best performanc...
3 weeks ago
Kagawa is a great combination player. He relies on understanding where his teammates go before they do, and on his teammates knowing what he can do so they star...
Not injured, no. Still receiving some special treatment, hence the early replacement. He was out of place for the first goal, so that was probably on him - but ...
Well, to be fair, our offense is not an issue. If we are trailing by one/two goals pretty early in the game, the opposing teams of course have the luxury to par...
One would think they'd practice at least a couple of standards... the amount of goals we concede recently is just mind-boggling. If it wasn't for our very own ...
Well, he seems free of any injury, but still lacks proper game practice. Almost lost the ball in the end. Almost. Kind of in line with the team performance.
4 weeks ago
Lets hope it does. Lots to be learned from this game for sure though. Overall, good attitude, but terrible positioning, especially at the second conceded goal. ...
I rest my case. :(
Is it just me or do we currently have a thing for conceding really stupid goals? Schmelle just has to kick the damn ball away and we are in the clear...
*put Shinji in my DF team* ENTER > Godmode activated
Oh, I should check my own wall more often. :) No worries, I love participating in the BVB community. Only shared glory is worth any celebration!
1 month ago
I also don't see too much of an issue here. We just had some bad luck last night, coupled with new players not yet settled in and lack of familiarity due to man...
1 year ago
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