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Agree with you 100%.RLC is too arrogant and plays like he doesn't care.Really does not impress me like Chalobah.I think Chalobah should be playing instead of Ma...
5 days ago
So sad 😔.
1 week ago
2 weeks ago
Diegooaaal.Oh how I remember defending the crap out of you and you're repaying me well.
So it is Willian the "Fraud"hmmmm.
Not one shot on target against HULL!!!!!!Fcuking HULL!!!!
No he is not.He is having a so so game,giveaway the ball a few times but hi's dribbling is really good.
Who else are you going to play.
You better believe Liverpool is going to get they penalty quota.
Haha,Wow,(@the comments and not the game).Some gutted and surprised. What do you expect with a back line of Ivan,Cahill and Luiz really.Matic an absolute joke b...
3 weeks ago
Begovic is a joke really.He doesn't know when to come off his line or not.Both goals could have been saved if he stayed on his line.
1 month ago
Cahill plays bad period.
Agreed with everything you said Naija.
I believe top 4 is the target the club has set for Conte.If he doesn't make it I believe he will be sacked.
You find it unbelievable that my opinion differs from yours?Laughable.I saw at from the first 5 games from last season,this season while not as bad top 4 looks ...
Premature,nope.More than likely City will win it with ManU,Arsenal and and a toss up for Tottenham and liverpool maybe.But honestly speaking with the tempo we p...
Scary?Lol,top four is over for us mark my words.
I agree with most things you said but Matic?Matic was a joke like he has been since beginning of last season.The guy has no positional sense when it comes to de...
#Naij You should become a PR guy for Conte.He f****d up today like he did at Swansea,with late subs and playing Matic again with Cesc on the bench.
^^This has to be sarcasm.
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