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Call out Courtois for the second goal?What are you smoking.No keeper could have saved that period.
1 day ago
Our football is so horrible it's not funny.Absolutely no ball retention,sloppy defending and that passing lol.But Zappa looks ten times the player of Moses so f...
Alonso hardly average?Haha.He gets beat every single time.As I said he is decent gine forward and very poor defending. Pedro played most of last season with Mo...
2 days ago
Moses doesn't suffer because of Willian,that's a silly excuse.Moses is s**t in attack and average at defending.How many decent crosses does Moses put in?One in ...
3 days ago
Only player getting called out is Willian,to be honest he was s**t the whole season.But today every single one was poor from Conte back down.Can't put together ...
5 days ago
All Conte talks about is tactical aspects and physical aspects.Where is the technical aspects,cause we can't pass for s**t.There is nothing physical about our ...
But why would Benzema be there and not Morata,even though he out scored him?Point exactly,s**t list.
1 week ago
Maradonna wom a World Cup.Give me some figures that would make you think the guys that I mentioned,should be on the list that made them outstanding.As I said th...
The Ballon d'or is such a f*****g joke.Why would Sadio mane,Neymar,Luiz Suarez or Kevin DE Bruyne make the list.What is it that they did outstanding that lead t...
^ Because you sound like it's a huge blow for city,it's not.City will not miss Aguero like how we would miss Morata.As Naija said it will not make a difference.
2 weeks ago
Cahill in the center is a disaster.
You guys are really underestimating Jesus.His pace and movement will be a nightmare for our back 3 if they're not focused.
How dumb can Luiz be,seriously.
3 weeks ago
He is not a good footballer?He is good at what he is supposed to do,score goals.
Well he is the second best striker in Roman's era and one of the best strikes in the world.He single handedly carried Chelsea many of times,many teams feared pl...
4 weeks ago
People that wonder why Paulinho judge him from the one season with Spurs.The guy is and was a machine for years.
1 month ago
Bakayoko was beast today.He reminded me of Essien the way he drove forward with the ball.
It was obvious why Jose choose Oscar at the time,he was doing what the others didn't,work rate plus goals.Mata was liked to be honest and KDB expected to walk i...
So Hazard says he is worth £274 million.You heard that Real Madrid and Chelsea Fc,now do business.
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