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We were 1 point above relegation because players refused to play.We went on an unbeaten run of draws,a few wins here n there to finish in that lovely spot of 10...
1 week ago
Lol Spurs?Lol Chelsea.We have finished below Stoke,let that sink in.
I don't think that is a very good decision,for te mere fact it will halt our football going forward.Hr should of been made ambassador or something along that li...
If it is one thing I agree with you on,it's this.He is past it time for new blood.
I cannot wait to see the f*****g back of Gus.The guy is absolutely lost.Mikel can't even play good in his own role yet he is in defense again.
Conspiracy I tell you.
2 weeks ago
Looool.I will wait for the inevitable Courtois blame.
Ha Gus oh Gus,why oh why.
Hazard disrespected under Jose?Lmao.The best season he had in his career was under Jose same with Terry.Or did you forget it was Jose who brought him back,after...
He is always directly or indirectly responsible for all the trophies we won in the last 12 years,with players that he bought.As for Oscar he was hot and cold fr...
Dude what is this thing you have,that everything wrong with players you seem to link it back to Jose somehow.Osacar is average and needs to go he was here too l...
Fun fact: One year ago Hazard scored at SB to win Chelsea the league,one year later he scores at SB to win it for Leicester.Who so that coming?
3 weeks ago
Now that is some hard facts right there.
Looool Ikr.
Congratulations Leicester.f**k you Tottenham.
Lool.What kind of service may I ask.
This is soooo comical.The slowest back 6 in the Epl hands down and what do you do?Why play all of them together of course.
Well one thing is for sure,we need to.go for the game in the second half.And Matic and Mikel,looool,really?
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