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Man this guy says so much...s**t. "Where did not congratulate read madrid come from" Did you even watch the match? Or were you so overcome with joy that y...
Two words....Drogba Rant...
Its pretty understandable for Fergie to ask mike phelan to speak at the press conference, the locker room was distraught, the team needed to look up to someone,...
Lol @ the rubbish votes for United, definitely a lot of noobs on footytube
I think a lot of you are missing the point when you bring about the whole "oh Madrid had more possession, thus they were the better team". United beat Real at S...
Time for JayZ's DOA (Death of Autotune)
His braids are just oozing with beauty!
6 years ago
HAHAHA! You clown!
@Redlegacy agreed!
Your puny attempts to insult me personally just show that you have no backing to your argument and you have no credibility. Your arrogance just depicts that yo...
LOL! So you hate on young, you want him red carded vs everton and then you say good game Young. This attitude exemplifies how fickle a fan can be. You just cant...
If you post comments on a forum ANYONE has the right to get involved if you really meant this for yourself then just keep it to yourself and don't comment. I am...
I don't want to argue over this but by saying that 'I hope he gets red carded vs everton is pretty disrespectful to the team not just ashley young.' That is wha...
Yeah man....those volleys sigh!
Young dove with contact, it was a soft one-that's a fact but Taj I would expect better from you since you are a fan. No fan wants his team to be red carded. You...
@Mathen. You are the one who needs to clean out s**t from your head. You just got owned in this discussion. And to save yourself from any further embarrassment,...
City without Balotelli...One step closer to respecting City :)
You are just a jealous hater! I can pinpoint numerous examples that have gone chelseas way. For one Um let's see last season at SB, david luiz's equalizer (he s...
Today balotelli deserved a straight red for his tackle on Song in the middle of the first half. Those are the kind of tackles that can break legs! But yeah no o...
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