REAPER (Ritesh.hegde) u will never walk alone!!!
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Omarmoke (John Babsa) from Stafford, U.S.A
I like to talk about football and argue over which team is the better team,i also enjoy a competative game as well
O ser Atleticano (by Roberto Drumond, Legendary Brazilian writer and journalist) The Atleticano is different from any other supporter He is different, because they don't limit ...
Redhunk (Mayuresh Sawant) India
Sagargadagkar (Sagar Gadagkar)
Football is my passion.
Sergio (Shorif Ahmed) from London, England
FB if you wanna know the man behind the ramos ¬_¬ xD LOLZ Been on the site over 5 Years Was Number 2 Top Commenter at one time Also ...
SuperFab (Sumeet) India
Theshid (Rachid Insa) from Montréal, Canada
I started supporting liverpool when i was like 9 firstly because of the colour of the jersey which was favorite colour lol but with time i learned the mentality and the culture of ...
Yonas (Yonas Tesfay) from Mississauga, Canada
Hi Eveyone, my name is yonas and i love football P.S: Chelsea rules
Yusupov29 (Bobby Yusupov) from New York, US
Fun to be with ;)
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