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9 historical cups dont
6 years ago
For all u barcelona fans ignorance is bliss go look up your history in football because if it werent for madrid winning 5 cups in a row when barcelona was nowhe...
It is a super diverse league its why real madrid has nine cups in it, also ronaldo has played in two best leagues in the world in the premiership and la liga a...
Then if u like barca so much why r u here reading my comments on a real madrid highlight section? cuzz i cann assure ur ass i dont spend or waste fiive minutes...
If messi is so extraordinary why does he not prove himself with argentina last time they beat protugal hes scored a pk .. and did nothing in the game messi is a...
Why are there barcelona fans watching real madrid highlights if you dont like the way our team scored goals then stop watching our teams highlights end of discu...
Dude evryone hates madrid Y? because weve set records most trophies most wins best players thats why haters hate because we have been top dogs for a century a w...
7 years ago
Wow why is it that barcelona fans cant handle a loss u dont see madrid bragging about its record 9 time european championships? when barca only has 3. real madr...
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