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Some say he makes the ball travel time ......
7 years ago
Why nt aim d wall, next time when we r clearly winning, just for fun sakes, lolz ....
@Innoxious - U can have it. Hold it tight coz thats all u gonna have this season with Chelsea firing in league n same in UEFA with the likes of Real n Barca
Hell yeah ....... Malouda dodged a bullet.... Hes like plzz miss me evn aftr getting behind the wall.... lol so damn hilarious.....
Now I know how has petr cech been this good all these yrs .... must be like hell for him in training....... lolz again
I love Fabianski's reaction checking if its for real..... Hes more of like thank god i dint got a hand to it....... lolz
Today, Hell Broke loose !!!! Blow for Barca.
Wenger must answer that Ramires went for the ball n won it, howz that a foul ? I bet he wudnt have had the same opinion if it went the other way round.
Apart from the how efficient my team is, What I really like about them n may be why they r where they r is coz u always hear an honest critique from management ...
Too bad, my team dropped from Rank 6 to 14th in dream footy...........
The only thing that Man Shitty now need to buy is a replica for the trophies which they'll neva win given the way they play .......
He's an England international, lolz ...... Capello needed some1 to choke him to limbo!!!!!!!
Respect for Forlan, He has proved once again that hes among the elites ..... So damn accurate in every single match ....... May b the so called hot shots b4 the...
Now u know y .....
Hey, I understand Dunga is picking far too defensive squads and playing too less entertaining fotball, but is that a good reason to despise him, or is there muc...
2 successive WC's in group of death , thats jus unlucky for Ivory coast.
Slovaks r a joke ...... good game Paraguay
NZL is the best underdogs of the tournament ...... Hats off to their performance ...... I hope they win the last one n Deservedly qualify for knockouts..... I...
Keita for Oscarzzzzz......
I feel 4 d supporters who spent their money 2 go 2 SA n watch this......
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