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R3DD3V gave the Bayern München v Juventus video a rating of 1
La liga really only suits world class players or "normal" level players, not really a place in the league for just great players as they aren't good enough to p...
Everyone giving propr to De Gea to try and make out that we were soooooooo lucky, those saves are expected at this level...
LMAO I have never seen anything do pathetic, Chelsea fans acting like they just beat Uniteds A team, it was C/B at the most,against chelsea best team bar a coup...
Proud of our B/C team taking Chelsea's A/B team right to the wire at Stanford bridge! MUFC!!!
You two Chelsea fans are retarded, we dominated the first 40 minutes, you then dominated for 20 then it was pretty even! We were lucky in some respects, but in ...
Well your grammar is retarded! Must be a common thing with all Marseille fans...
Champ12ns- WTF a s**t competition! Just cus your team can't get out the qualifiers, don't be such sore loser!
De Gea is an awesome shot stopper- but my god he scares me when trying to win anything in the air!
Go troll somewhere else- who cares, we aren't playing great, but whats it to you?! United through thick and thin!
Although we aren't playing great- gotta love seeing Rooney and RVP on the same team sheet!
Fans like you are so naive! just because your team outplayed city (the champs)- you act like that makes them superior to every team in the BPL, its one game! Us...
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