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ChelseaFC, J Terry, A Cole, Drogba, Lampard, Kaguta, M Essien Argentina National Team,
Chris Daughtry Songs, Hinder, Nickelback, and Mami Varte(MizoSinger)..................
I hate Manchester City players except J Heart 'Cause City's owner never play soccer in his life. He doesn't know how to play soccer. Just he bought for Be popular:(((. I heard what City player Toure says Money City in stead of Man City hahahahhah. In fact, Man City is Money Club, not Football Club, their players often fight each other for Money hahhahahhah.
Just for Fun (Striker)
I'm a big fan of ChelseaFC. My ever favorite footballer is Argentina Lion Messi.

Someday I'd Like to see all these players at Stamford Bridge

1. J Hart
2. Sergio Ramos
3. G Bale
5. Marcelo
6. Daniel Alves
7. Sneijder
8. Torres
9. Neymar
10. Lion Messi
11. Arguero
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Can you people quit commenting with your BS?!
6 years ago
He looks scary
7 years ago
U need proactive
U look emo take that pic off
Somewhere on FootyTube
Chelsea won't able to get any Cup, if they don't buy at least 3 new players like Arguero, Sneijder , Pato, Davids Luiz, D Lves.
Lion Messi is the best ever footballer in the world.. Lion Messi = Pele + Mara dona + Zidine + C Ronaldo Lion Messi is A Magic Player
Chelsea owner should give more chance Carlos. He is great manager. Why Chelsea often lost? Because of assistant manager W Ray. Not Carlos matter. It's Chelsea o...
Lampard is a Magic midfielder in the world.
Good started Sturridge!!!!!!!!!!
I think Liverpool won't able to come to Top No 4 until they change new manager again. And Torres should move to rival club such Chelsea.
Hi roman, and thanks for the rival request. if you have any questions or problems regarding footytube, dont hesitate to contact myself or one of the other staf...
Somewhere on FootyTube
What's going on Chelsea!!!!!!!!!!!! Still silent to buy new players.. And young player Fabio Borini going to move sooner. Its look like Chelsea owner Roman will...
B Tov is A Diver player!!!!!!!
Good result!!!!!!!!!!! But Chelsea needs to buy some new players before Jan transfer window close........
I agree with you, but Chelsea must buy some new players like Aguero, Sneijder , Daniel Alves for Champ before Jan transfer window close because EPL is more diff...
KaKa won't go to Inter. And also Arsenal won't able to buy Mascherano.
I'd like to see at Stamford Bridge No1 new player is Sneijder, No2 Arguero, No3 Pato, No4 Davids Luiz or Daniel Alves from Barcelona.......
I'm sure that AC Milan player Pato will never go to Man City......
I'm a big fan of Chelsea, but my ever favorite player is Argentina Lion Messi. I'd like to say for Chelsea fans that Chelsea is still strongest team in premier ...
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