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Once a team gets a free kick close to the goal there isn't much you can do about it. If its a perfect strike even the best goalkeeper wont be able to stop it. S...
You people are too critical. Cant you see that Chelsea was completely trying to hold the ball as much as they can. That was there primary concern. Hold the ball...
Shaktar did win the Europa league couple of seasons back and played Barca in the supercup. They have proven enough times that they are a quality team.
Respect to both comments above.
I would put Zhirkov instead of Malouda.
I have been reading the comments from united fans and these are their excuses for the loss: 1) That wasn't a penalty Well it doesn't matter what you think. Th...
Dude!! How are you saying that the penalty wasn't fair. First Carrick LITERALLY pushes lampard with both hands. At this point the referee allows the play to go ...
If talking s**t about the referee and hope of winning at old trafford is the only thing helping you guys get over this loss than please keep talking s**t. I wo...
You guys can talk as much sh*t as you want. The fact is Chelsea beat United 2-1 and both goals were well deserved. Congrats to Luiz on his first goal for us.
No doubt Messi is number 1. Villa the second I dont think so. And how can Pedro not improve when he is learning from Messi, Villa, Xavi, Iniesta, Dani Alves. I ...
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I am just laughing at this while all you hater keep on hating on chelsea.
I think he meant to say Spanish premier league which is La Liga..
DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGBA!!!!!!!! BEST STRIKER IN EPL!!! Now lets win Champions league and put all these united fans to bed.
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We need Alex to assist JT in the back...Ivanovic is best on the right and does not play very well as a CB..But Ashley Cole needs to be removed..Bosingwa should ...
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