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I am bermudian, german, and british. I am a huge BVB fan because i used to live in dortmund for a couple years when i was a kid. I have since moved to canada but i like europe better and plan on moving to london one day.
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5 years ago
Deutschland uber alles !!
Last year we were nobody but this year look at us now undefeated and on top of the group!
Podolski goal of the week!
Ya we really would play greece to we should bet their european union life on that game
What a shame chelsea got LUCKY!! bayern had more then enough chances to put it away. robben cannot take penalties why did they even let him shoot? lahm should h...
6 years ago
What an incredible season! newcastle impressed, all 3 promoted teams survived and congrats to city for taking one away from united
Lewas 2nd goal was setup amazingly. real flawless finish
What another incredible record-breaking season. Borussia Dortmund: the best bundesliga team ever! can you believe it guys? back to back again, this time we have...
Ill miss Koln but better them than Hertha
I heard kagawa wants to go to Man united or Chealsea but he better stay with Dortmund. its too early for him to leave and Dortmund saved his life
Yaaaaaaa! so happy what a sick game so many posts and what a trick by lewa. robben misses? ahahahahahahh i love how subotic got up in his face LOL. shweini:"bay...
Good to see gundogan coming through clutch and in the 120th min wow
Boooo! dont worry about trying to win the league leave that to us just focus on the CL i want u guys to win it
Cant believe defoes miss still a good game by spurs
Really? instead of schalke and leverkusen id like to see bremen and gladbach (the 2nd most successful team in the bundesliga) it would be nice to see them in CL...
Disapointing, it feels like a loss i thought we were gonna win 3-0 but that was an awesome goal from kaiserslautern
What? Man U cant progress? muahahahahahh so there really is a santa
Thanks guys BVB for life!
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