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Calm down. CL is on and that's all. Lets look at things with 5 games left. Massive Win for us
81 crosses? West Man United.
Is this guy for real? He's mouth is moving but he aint saying sh!t. "We were unlucky not to win because we couldn't put the ball in the net, the weather condit...
Funniest comment of the day
I think that was the second worse penalty shootout ive seen in my life. This team looks devoid of confidence at every level. Rafaels body language walking to t...
Villa should've gotten the 3 points. They played well at Anfield. (Deep breath) Rogers got his tactics wrong this weekend, but the glass is 3/4 full, because w...
Toite goal was a stunner. No way Cabaye was interfering. The refereeing has been really very poor this season. I can understand why the linesman woould raise h...
What's with carroll's hobo beard? Great win for the Hammers though
SAS just picks up where they left off
Conspiracy. A damn conspiracy against you david. They should all burn
This guy blames everyone except himself and his players. United are rubbish this year and I'm not saying that as a Liverpool supporter. I always respected their...
Fergie being there almost every match isn't helping. Just lurking there, seething, breathing hot whisky breath on the nape of Moyes mouthing "What the fook are ...
Berate me all you want but I think Aspas needs the 2nd half of the season to prove himself. Brendon sees something in him and I'm willing to give him the benefi...
My conclusion: Chelsea was the better team on the night (Arsenals first shot on target came in the 85th min??? Giroud is the Bobby Zamora of Arsenal Ozil is not...
You shitting your pants already? Calm down mate. This is your championship to lose. Don't see us as title contenders just yet- we did finish 7th last year. ...
Most improved team of 2013. The work done in the second half of last season as well as the first of this has been phenomenal. Look, I think you can pencil our n...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Get out while you can Dembele. You're on a hiding to nothing there.
WEst Ham picking meat from a carcass. (Great goal by Ade though)
I dig the Arabic commentary. LOL especially when they score a goal
Savage. Suarez is savage. Wow
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