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I have to say I'm not THAT impressed with Crouch's goal. I had heard all of the hype for both, but in the MLS I saw two very similar goals last year, and they d...
6 years ago
His bicycle kick against Man City, which won the game for them wasn't the goal of the year? I swear, you must be trolling for the hell of it. Idiot.
Torres has been getting better and better each week in terms of his distribution and passing, all he needed was a bit of luck in goal. It is good to see him get...
No, no, he is saying that while he was injured, we greatly missed him, but now that he is back, he adds another element to our attack. His performances this wee...
Yes, we got off lucky today, you guys deserved to win it if I'm honest. I think it's about time King Kenny decided to buy a player that can actually finish come...
Also, Arsene said after the game that they were prepared to do ANYTHING to keep him at Arsenal.
No, he doesn't actually. Adebayor created all those goals. Without him, it could have been an even game.
Incredible. I hate I missed the game, but what a great turnaround. I can't really fault McClean, I would have done the same, and objectively, it was a good goal...
He really has turned into a great player. I can remember a few seasons ago he was getting so much stick for being "too offensive minded", something he wasn't me...
Hahaha, good to see a fan not caring about it anymore. It's been blown way out of proportion, and while I understand they are both mad, you just gotta let thing...
You don't have to be an Arsenal fan to remember how he tried to mess with us last season. I agree with him, both need to just get on with it. I was happy that E...
Nice picture, Calvin and Hobbes, classic. But because he is a legend. This was likely his final appearance at the Emirates, and to end it with a goal (albeit a ...
THIS is the Arsenal I fell in love with. Ruthless in front of goal, dominating for 90 minutes.
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