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I'm studying now in Prague, a University of great history but with unclear future...
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Only the guy who replaces the owner of Newcastle will save the club. Can you do it Booba?
3 years ago
Yes, Peterze, that's true what you said that they 'weren't bought for now,' I think that the players Sterling and De Bruyne will make an influence on Man City p...
@Eeegay Yeah, I kind of agree, but also Newcastle needs more quality players, since Shearer retired and Owen left the team, they haven't played on top level. Th...
I wonder why Man City keep buying best and most expensive players from all the leagues in Europe. I know it's working for them quite nicely, since they've got a...
Have you noticed that some of the national teams that aren't considered as the best teams are doing pretty well? I'm talking about Iceland, Wales, Slovakia - th...
What was most interesting: Team Manager Player for you, this season? Team: For me it was Southampton, particularly in the first half of the season, where the m...
4 years ago
This season can be also described by putting the players in this team to two brackets. Good players: Perez Si...
Best: Sissoko worst: Williamson
True, he won I think 6 or 7 matches with Newcastle while Carver drew many matches and lost even more of them with the team. And made an immediate impact in Crys...
I would prefer Hazard over Alexis. I'd say Hazard is more important player in his team than Sanchez. It's because the good performance in Arsenal is "shared" am...
@Deffyduck: Nice read and analysis. Also, isn't it interesting that after a couple of seasons where you could hardly find a domestic top striker in England. Thi...
Useful article. So it means if italian clubs will play better than BPL teams in Europe competitions in the next 4-5 years, PL will lose the 4th playoff spot. #4...
This is the "best" season for english teams in Europe. Did english teams achieve a negative record for being knocked in earliest stages? Probably not in Europa ...
#statingtheobvious #jamie8knapp #8shit
That match reminds me one of the great matches played in CL: Thiago Silva didn't forget how to sc...
Well I don't know how did they get the data, but in some countries it seems that the fans are cheering for the clubs only because a player from their country pl...
@Zilch Hah, you're right, I didn't watch the matches, just the highlights. But the number of scoring chances was even in the matches, in fact, West Ham had more...
Both Chelsea and Manchester Utd didn't deserve to win. According to chances the opposition teams had, those were lucky wins. Can't believe that Newcastle missed...
They need to start scoring goals. That is one big problem of Villa. They maybe have a bit of bad luck, if you look at Benteke's statistics this season - he had ...
Is it just me or the referees in PL stopped pointing on the penalty spot? There were multiple penalty shouts in two Premier league matches (Soton - Liverpool, C...
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