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I'm studying now in Prague, a University of great history but with unclear future...
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How is this related to PL? :D Better will be Dortmund winner
1 year ago
Good match, good highlight, I like that, when the comentators put in the emotions :)
I also have to say Drogba skills - his passing was perfect and thanks to him had Yilmaz so many chances
Yes, Milan showed off yesterday, now they're huge contenders, but it also matters on who do they get next round if they get through this round
Brilliant game!!! Milan played absolutely tacticaly perfect and what more, they did get the desired luck by the first goal, the second goal -perfect play, grea...
Hope Barcelona won't win today, that's my wish, but it's a big question abot how Milan will play or defend.
@Noir - Lol, you don't understand such a clear things. I've already said above that it's your name. And I don't say that your team can't be in semifinals. My ti...
Yeah I reflect only that one game you're right maybe...
AAhhh, sorry it's YOUR name @Noir853, never mind the rest what I said remains.
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@Noir853... weird name, anyway, Juve plays a very "professor" style football and it was really boring to watch them against Celtic, I have a suspicion that they...
No wonder we haven't won at Villa Park so long time until now, when this s**t happens
This fixture, 4 years ago was the last match of season, Newcastle needed a point to avoid relegation and instead of it, they scored an own goal, there was noone...
Well, i meant those last minute scorers, it doesn't happen again, again and again, because in most matches is Man in the lead, but is it Fergusson just trying t...
Hats off West Ham, i've never seen playing you so well. It was once again that f*cking Manchester luck that disallowed you winning.
Lucky Everton that they have this son of the butch in team, Fellaini stumbles, referee blows, thats how it works these days. This led to Baines's goal and the r...
Proactivefan gave the Barcelona v Atlético Madrid video a rating of 5
Wow, I would've never told that THIS is in Adriano
1. PSG, (Price of players) :D 2. Barca 3. Juventus 4. Manchester U 5. Dortmund Definitely not Atletico if you look to Europa League, they lost to Plzeň !
Lol, the second goal, they was playing Barcelona, don't look, just pass, like Ronaldinho, Belgium quality goal...
Agree, I think that it's also not the best in midfield, Ben Arfa should play, Cabaye injured, problem is Gutierrez, he's overvalued in Newcastle, he's not capab...
Dempsey 6? Why?
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