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@Joeymac - yeah, but don't take me seriously in this case. I forgot Balotelli as a flop and legend in one person - not even able to put on a shirt, lol.
13 hours ago
I saw him in Pro Evolution Soccer 05, not sure how he played. Have you seen Williamson defending? He's not even marking other team's players.
14 hours ago
Fun fact: Monaco scored 2 goals in 5 matches and they have 8 points thanks to wins away (1-0) and home (1-0) against Leverkusen (1st team in group). Not mention...
@Eeegay I agree with you, they could at least divide the matches to be played at two different times, then if you would watch some very boring match you could j...
Real Madrid didnt deserve the win, after Ronaldo scored the goal, their defense somehow stopped concentrating on game and they let Basel play their game. But si...
Legends: - Michael Owen - Thierry Henry - Ryan Giggs - Steve Gerrard - Chelsea players: Lampard / Terry / Drogba Flops: - Scholes (volleyball goal which didnt ...
15 hours ago
Seems funny now how people were talking about english teams being bad in CL this season. It would be great if all of the english teams would make it to the fina...
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1 day ago
I think that standard ticket for a PL match costs 27£ - that is a hell lot of money converted to my country's currency. Well other thing is that here is diffe...
3 days ago
He meant a match between Liverpool and Man City...
4 days ago
Yes, actually, the best atmosphere is on small teams stadiums. I've seen somewhere that Tottenham has the most quiet crowd, and that is IMO still one of the bet...
4th place Manchester United - 5th Newcastle United - 6th West Ham United.. yeah i noticed that we are in Europa League qualifying postition :)
After watching Crystal Palace - Liverpool match I can point out things that you can see only in Premier League. - Team spirit/atmosphere on stadium - The fans ...
In 2008-2009 we didnt get 5 wins in a row plus bad news was that Owen was about to leave us. Also the manager Kevin Keegan left us because he didn't agree with ...
Fair enough. I didn't know that he got such long-term contract from Ashley. That is overly zealous indeed. If I should reply to some voices who say: "Newcastle...
5 days ago
@Odd Then tell me, what mistakes is Pardew doing? What you don't like about him? One incident should not be an argument why to dislike a person. There were more...
Your comment is quite vague, can you be more specific?
Why no Newcastle prediction? :) Newcastle 2-1 QPR Man City 1-1 Swansea Chelsea 4-2 West Brom Arsenal 1-1 Man Utd Hull 1-2 Spurs Villa 1-3 Southampton
Umm, I don't usually read Guardian - in my country we have different media. Anyway if they just quoted the first few sentences then it's just confirming that to...
1 week ago
Still you've won 3 titles in that time period... not bad despite having so many injuries. You've dominated the midfield so you didn't even need to defend that m...
I don't know about Man U being called Clinic FC, not even in joke. I'd say that since Ferguson's retirement their number of injuries dramatically increased.
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