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I'm studying now in Prague, a University of great history but with unclear future...
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To achieve that what you said Teja, Man Utd would need to get their away form better... they aren't losing away matches but most of them were draws (with Villa ...
Is he a contender now for the Golden boot? I mean... he has 11 goals in 9 games? How about that great goalscoring form. Edit: he has 11 goals in 15 games...
Bad luck Villa
No I don't think it would've been a win for Crystal Palace when this 'contact' goal would've counted. But Cry Palace fans or anyone would have point now if the...
Crystal Palace was robbed today - it would've been 2-1 at the time. 100% legit goal was disallowed due to offside. It's a bit sad that almost every PL matchweek...
1 day ago
Damn, what happened? 4-0 is a bit cruel result... Eriksen... he had 3 assists in the match. He helped Chadli and other to win the game for spurs.
4 days ago
My hopes for Newcastle were shattered... good luck for Tottenham in the next round and Liv-Chelsea match will might be interesting to watch.
@DTaDiablo yeah you're right he doesn't put many emotions in the commentary. I like that he clearly said that Balotelli isn't a good striker, he is saying what ...
5 days ago
Anyone noticed that Michael Owen was also commentating some matches - i think on Bein sports - already?
There's not many players in PL that you could possibly call being a s**t. Players in PL should be playing at some level already, unless they were bought by an i...
No Rooney because he's not in his best form at the moment. He is good but not the best midfielder this season. Lol @Somere - is that serious comment?
Actually I'd rather see Arsenal making it to QF than Monaco. I'm just saying that the opponent isn't that easy as it might look like. Man City gets another tho...
6 days ago
@LastGrasp Yes, there will be another draw after the round of 16, that means the quarterfinal opponent for a team (in this case Arsenal) will be randomly chosen...
Midfield - Milner
It's time to forget about the past and start think about the League Cup - match with Tottenham on Wednesday. What is your prediction on this, guys?
1 week ago
Lol I first wrote that West Brom will win 1-0, (don't) thank me for your correct prediction. @Bazinga yes since we lost so many great players in past 5 years, n...
I'd like to have a Newcastle kit too... sadly they don't sell it here. The team isn't popular in czech republic.
Many people (except Arsenal fans) predicted Newcastle to not lose... Arsenal did play better and showed that they still play on another level of football.
Yeah beautiful finish by Giroud, i think you've won, congrats you deserve it
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