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Did you watch the entire game? Then you should have seen that Ghana played better overall. First half Ghana was clearly better, Uruguay started playing well i...
7 years ago
Are you serious, you shouldn't be proud of that. I have no respect for Suarez anymore. As for the match, Ghana played better but didn't finish the job and pa...
Wasn't a dive but like Canons says he was looking for the arm of the keeper and found it. But they failed to finish the 2 huge chances they had. I don't think...
Did you see the match, Netherlands were dominating but Slovakia actually had 2 huge chances. If they score those chances it's a different match.
2nd yellow
What's wrong with Bastos? He held off Sanchez who is one heck of a player. I think Bastos is going to become one of the best backs in the world in no time.
Listen to yourself, you think a wrong decision is fun?
I was very surprised because to be honoust, Spain was lucky to win this match, they were efficient. Chili was very good the first half and this could have bee...
ah c'mon man, little harsh fouls lol (meaning not harsh enough to give a card), as long as you don't get a card and don't deliberatly hurt someone it's ok, th...
How do you mean dirty, one yellow card in the whole match from Ghana!
Congratulations to Ghana, at least one african team in next round. It's good that they came second because Germany now plays against England. I must say this ...
I'm shocked, Nigeria should always win this match. How do you make 2 mistakes which lead to a free kick goal. And how on earth do you miss all those chances, ...
Honorable exit for Bafana bafana, they had an off day against Uruguay and paid it cash. Domenech has no respect, he didn't want to shake hands with Perreira a...
Brazil deserved to win, I have to be honoust. But I must say, what on earth was the referee thinking, I think it's a French one. How could you not see that ha...
I am very dissapointed. They are a match for european and south american teams. They have quality enough but they always seem to make those mistakes in defens...
Are you serious? Ghana was better but gave away the first goal. As for the hand ball: the ball was going in, it hit his arm, am I missing something here. I mu...
Nigeria is not out yet. If they win against South Korea and Argentinia gives Greece a trashing they will advance.
Are you serious? Even a neutral football fan could see that if Nigeria wouldn't have gotten e red card they would have dominated Greece. Greece was nowhere f...
Not yet, they have to win against South Korea and hope argetinia gives Greece a trashing.
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