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Yeah! I agree with the other 140 people. Real Madrid did play s**t! ... Wait what?!
I agree. Whats this nonsense about Rafa. He's an amazing right back. Even in this game, minus a few indescretions, he played, he played well.
There was a moment near the end of the game when they showed SAF's face in the stands and it was a face dead of all emotion. You could practically hear his inn...
I totally agree. Why does Kagawa sit there and rot on the bench when even Mata is playing below his level? Why wont Moyes just play that f***ing guy? When I saw...
Willan's second yellow was really soft. Although I feel for Chelsea, this makes the end of the season MUCH more interesting.
I agree with you. There was a big case in Macau last year involving a huge gambling ring that systematically engineered results in European soccer leagues. I d...
Man. PSG's defending was really poor and sloppy. They cant be playing like that in Europe. Their goalie saved em on several occassions.
You know, he's kind of been winning me over this season. If RVP leaves, I think he'll come into his own like Sturridge.
Haha. Im not blaming the guy for the loss. I think he needs to pass more. I think he's always needed to pass more - except a) until now he's been able to put in...
Man, now that Messi's lost his magic, he really should be making more passes.
You know what was amazing about this game? I didnt see Young, Valencia or Clerverly anywhere! Thank god!!
Woooooooooow! Unreal goals.
This was an amazing game. My criticism, if there is one, would be of Costa. He was way too wasteful in this game. He should have put away at least two goals. ...
Oh wait. Moyes would probably play him in Defense - so maybe keep him for now.
Such ungratefulness! You would bench a man who single-handedly brought you the Copa Del Rey, who gave you the league in Guardiola's last year, who's scored 50+ ...
1) I see Real winning CL this year. 2) That first goal by Bale is actually ludicrous - he curls the ball with the outside of his foot as he's falling. 3) Who ke...
Who selects Cleverly, Valencia, and Young on a European night?! WTF?!
Defense in shambles. What was going on there?
Why does Gael Clichy slide at 10:35? Is he an idiot? Had he stayed on his feet Alves would not have gone through for the goal. Another win for Barfa off a red c...
The screening by Muller for the second and fourth was amazing. The second goal could have been offside but amazing for him to come across shots like that. That'...
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