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Lol most united fans don't hate on Balotelli... I think that guy's a freakin boss
1 year ago
He's "biased" towards liverpool to build the team around Gerrard... oh and the way he used walcott was amazing; the swedish defense was too tired to handle him ...
I don't understand why people are hating on England...
And of course attacking is, and Madrid obviously did better than you guys did
Bullcrap, defending is part of the game too
Lolol such bullcrap...
2 years ago
^ FINALLY, a logical barca fan
Can you guys for once make an unbiased statement? A lot of people wholeheartedly believe that Madrid deserved this one, be realistic
I suppose I'll refer to Dtouchs post (ajax fan): "Its irrelevent if you think the red card was not deserved, the RULE is a red for a two footed tackle. Kompany...
Very mature of you!
People resort to ad hominem nowadays...
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