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Danyjr wrote in On Pozoaps wall
Hey, I'm directing a short documentary about the whole UEFAlona myth. Reading your comments you said "two clear penalties not given at Camp Nou vs Chelsea". Do...
6 years ago
Alright, all the haters listen up! First leg: Barca had two clear fouls not called for them. It would have been 2-0 going into camp nou, aka the tie would have...
Boy, was that ever enjoyable. Love watching madrid lose and embarrass themselves. Today was a great day.
Thats 6 points for Chicharito on the trot
Hhahaha we completely dominated mexico! Wow, total domination. But really who in your "A" team would have made a difference CHichawho?? Ya, right with no serv...
Nani, really? Messi left him for dead and then Busquets out hussled him to place a delicate assist for Villa's goal. Nani, really?
7 years ago
Like a bully/pussy they (real & ronaldo) are tough and courageous against weak opposition. But pit them against another top club and watch them get scared and g...
Hahaha good point
Hahaha I'm sorry Eric but that fact that you take my points as offensive shows me that you cannot properly debate anything relating to psychology or sociology. ...
I think this quote sums up all of this bickering "When Arsenal play entertaining, but trophy-less, football people say they need to be more cynical and pragma...
Guys come on my points are very valid and insightful for why americans havent gotten into football. If that is offensive... I don't know what to say but, maybe ...
Sorry guys, I can see how my comments are inaccurate and heavily biased. I was just reading so many ignorant comments that I lowered myself to the level of the ...
All you british fans are just like madrid fans. The english cant play football. Simple. And any of your english clubs will get murdered by barca. It's sad th...
No questions asked; that was a straight red. Cleats up on a player's shin is a straight red. Real are really pathetic losers. It's a shame that they are our mai...
My boy Eto'o is a killer!!
A boohoo, the refs decided the game, because Van Pierse would have gotten at least a shot on target for Arsenal and that shot would have been a goal. I believe ...
Wow, complete domination. Well deserved. It was impressive that Arsenal is the 2nd best English team and how easily Barca dominated. The denial of this clear ...
I what Ferguson to mold Sanchez, then send him to Barcelona. ;)
Barcelona did indeed need a game or two recalibrate their potent poetry. But since then, I have never seen a better Barcelona. I feel truly blessed. As we all s...
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