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SanchezAlexis, You and your friends are trolling because there is nothing going on in your own world. If there was anything appealing to the intellect on the Ba...
4 years ago
The "fair play" doctrine doesn't apply to Pepe or any other Madrid player, because in their minds Madrid is Satan. Messi, on the other hand, is the Messiah, if ...
@SanchezAlexis, are you here right now on the Madrid page to conduct a supposedly friendly discussion? You're such an obvious troll. Why you and all the other B...
Https://www.facebook.com/SuperHighlights/photos/a.399895590062264.107035.358037564248067/704503076268179/?type=1&theater That's Sergio Busquets saying hello to...
History shows Rooney is good in scoring beautiful goals in general. Nothing beats that bicycle-kick vs Man City so far:)
Spigy, Watch the game very closely again. Im begging you.
Spigy, The discussion is about Barca players diving, and you think that concept is bias? Where you've been in the past couple years? In a coma or something? Sp...
The commercials are in Portuguese too.
Theo, I disagree, that was a natural struggle for the ball. Otherwise, how are they supposed to defend? This is football, not badminton or volleyball. Clearly...
And Iniesta's acting career continues....
Chelsea doesn't need to care about the other fixtures. You can see the championship spirit on their faces and of course the performance on the pitch. You have...
Snitch, You are not allowed to leave.
Good luck tomorrow.
Украина навсегда !
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France has to go :)
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What happened at 2008?
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If Rooney goes to Italy his fate would probably something similar to Gazza. A broken jaw and leg and maybe a sad end to his career. PSG is the best place for hi...
When you say "always" , not only it's false it's also a derogatory remark toward Italians. Just read history that's all I can say.
Liqidator his trophies do not count because it was just a quick fix. Like McDonalds or a microwave pizza you get hungry after an hour so you need homemade food ...
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Can someone translate ?
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