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5 years ago
Dembele is a great player but has to stop loosing the ball so stupidly in dangerous areas, it happens way too often
Ponch just Watched
France Vs. Spain
Agree that Belgium was bad in the first half, Macedonia unlucky an deserved better. But "one goal, two chances" and Macedonia chances ruined by selfish player i...
Ponch just Watched
Italy Vs. Brazil
A Madrid fan talking about sore losers, I love it !
Arsenal is one of the teams I like in England and I really hoped they would do something yesterday, but 1988 people voting for them as being "awesome" , honestl...
Off course we were lucky, Serbia played a brilliant first half and it could easily have been 2-0 after 15 minutes. Denying it doesn't make sense.
Red, and I'm belgian too ;-)
Yop, I'm not sure England was lucky, but the highlights really don't reflect the game.
Today is the day people like you can release the frustration they accumulated the last 5 years, and I think that's healthy, I'm glad for you...
6 years ago
I don't know how your all story is supposed to have anything to do with this game. I'm neutral, enjoyed the game, and have seen, like any other neutral spectato...
What does that referee need to give red card??? Alves should have been out after 10 minutes! shame...
I support Baqrcelona, but you got to be honest, first half also goes to Real, they were just way better this time. If they could get rid of Mourinho, Pepe, Coen...
It's "Merci beaucoup", maximumblue. "Merci Bocu" 's closest translation would be something like "Thank you pretty ass", I guess it's not what you meant ;-)
Kompany is sent off and gets 4 matches for what was hardly a fault and Ballotelli will get away with this, easily worth a 6 month ban. Football is just getting ...
Is it me or it's a shame to make Vermaelen play left back? Same happens in Belgian national team, where we would just have the best pair of central defenders in...
Excellent ;-)
Ridiculous comment, Fabricass. Pepe is both the most vicious player in La liga and the worst diver/whiner I've ever seen. It's just a shame for a team such as R...
What is this permanent frustration everybody seems to have reg. Barça fans? The guy just says Torres has been under a lot of pressure and hasn't been lucky. Yo...
You say it yourself: yellow MAYBE, never a red card. I can't even see a reason for a yellow, as far as I'm concerned, so no, the only Idiot here is Foy.
Coded 1960, Tea party supporter I guess?
Yeah, everybody knew Basel would take Man Utd out, you're right ;-)
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