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7 months ago
They talked about converting him to LB on the Anfield Wrap, but I was under the impression that they were joking.
1 year ago
I'm just going to assume this is satire and be done with it.
I love the basic design of the kit, but I'm waiting to reserve final judgement till I see what font they chose for the names/numbers. I've seen a few designs t...
This is basically the other half of our squad from saturday. Everyone is getting a game before the final to prove themselves I'd say. I'll bet we see a little...
Without a dream in my heaaaaart...
I think either way we probably should bring another striker in. We're going to be in Europe in addition to our current competitions next year so we'll need a b...
2 years ago
Perhaps Maxi's stellar performance on Tuesday was why Kenny decided to sub him early. Maybe he wanted to give him a bit of a rest so he could play Saturday... ...
Amen Deco. Good to see there are a few supportive fans left on the interweb. I'm glad to see Comolli go, personally. I get the feeling that he's responsible ...
Let's not forget Carra comes in at a solid 6' 1" also. :D He may be old and losing his pace, but I still love our number 23.
I guess I just have trouble understanding that mentality. I consider myself a pretty passionate Liverpool supporter, certainly more so than anyone I've met in ...
Getting really sick of reddit.com/r/soccer. The things that some people are saying over there about Hillsborough right now is genuinely disgusting.
I'm going to hop in Jawnn's gameday chatroom if anyone wants to join me. http://tinychat.com/jawnn
Beat me by a couple minutes there sunkilmoon :D That'll teach me to refresh before posting on matchday.
Good chance for some of our squad players to show what they've got. Let's hope for a good result today!
The lineup according to the LFC twitter: Doni Flanno Coates Skrtel Johnson Shelvey Hendo Spearing Maxi Carroll Bellamy Not sure if that...
BBC says Suarez is on the bench, Gerrard is out, and Johnson and Bellamy are back. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/17668643
Passing time before the game by learning some new Liverpool songs so I have some fresh material for the bar on Saturday. Anyone have any favorites they'd like ...
Sorry, triple post?
What's the tune to this song? Or do you have a video by chance?
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