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1. Barton, although wronged by song, is a twat in general and deserves an Oscar 2. i feel Walcott p*ssyfoots to much when he needs to be direct, although he is ...
Definition of calm, cool and collected. such a class hatrick for a class player.
Ya really. I've seen better in regular seasons, even of some lower leagues. The context is the only thing that makes them say its "amazing" - bullspit
7 years ago
I wonder what the dressing room was like for Eboue...
Somewhere on FootyTube
A tad harsh but a Tad accurate nonetheless. I'm a Gooner myself and its jsut been disappointment after disappointment. I haven't seen the game as yet but it sad...
I jsut wonder how much the Ref got paid. Either we're allergic to silverware or he went home with a fat Cheque. ALL of his calls we're questionable. Ya Barca ...
It was good, not great. was too off balance, uncoordinated and sloppy. ya it took skill to still get it over the keeper and under the bar but wasn't pretty by ...
1. Since when did Dejonge play for Brazil 2. France we're lucky, not good 3. Where the F is Diaby? 4. That Brazil team looked like a shadow of their former selv...
Ya it was a dive but just admit it, Pool aren't a shadow of their former selves
I fear our gooners won't see another title till another Henry graces our ranks
... and considering he set up the only goal in this game? who is this twat that wasted my energy reading his three sentences of complete and utter nonsense
Somewhere on FootyTube
Hats off to the sports writer
I think this article is a bit harsh on the Arsenal D. I'm an avid footballer, play center back myself and love the gunners first and fore most, but from what I ...
That first tackle by pedro or whoever in Barca's box, wasa clear foul and penalty. He didn't play the ball (wasn't shielding it or anything)
A yellow? relax... chill out. Ya it was offside, but a card? and shut up faggot that thumb upped this
Sheit match
I concur
Instant red, i don't know.. Arsenal being sloppy, lucky and out played - for sure
Ahah that fan was pureee class. Nevilles an old slow bastard
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8 years ago
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