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I dunno about that. They'd be better off re-signing Paco or Rodrigo
2 days ago
Your just reading english headlines bro. Ancelotti himself said that GB11 is still a starter when he comes back. Meanwhile, some english journalist knows that...
Suárez honestly doesn't deserve it. Think of it as another necessary punishment lol. Switch Toure with Godín, and Pogba with Reus, and you've got a better l...
3 days ago
He's gotta keep scoring then to keep being favourable haha
1 week ago
Agreed. Rafa's confidence has just been low cuz he's not starting in the first place. Maybe he's slow to start, but Pepe and him are more calm than Ramos.
I was also gonna add that he's been winning a lot of balls back in this match, not only his own. He's been the best midfielder defensively in the first half you...
You watching the same game as me?!?
His touches are brilliant
So who the hell here's still a Benzema hater?! Let's go Karim, incredible CL scoring record!
BENZEMA!! Saves the day!
1 month ago
CR7 attempted the Hand of God haha!
Lol, could you ask a more boring question?
Yup they're both more central and a bit deeper at times
Top post there franky4fingers Emirates are one of the contenders for the sponsorship, As are IPIC from Abu Dhabi. It hasn't been confirmed by the club who the...
Obviously it would suck. But, the amount of money we'd get in return from Abu Dhabi would cover the cost of expanding and re-modelling the stadium, which is a b...
Benzema won't be sidelined though because he adds balance. CR7 & GB11 have a free role, and do like to drift to the centre forward position, and when they do Be...
I dunno, some of the ideas they're considering make sense, like merging Juvenil A & Juvenil B. Also merging Real Madrid C with Castilla... Maybe if the respect...
Nah Illarra is good enough, he's just got confidence issues, the same as Rafa Varane. Might as well keep Illarra and give him a shot, we paid so much for him. ...
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