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Casemiro's tearing it up at Oporto and we all want him back asap! We need Lucas Silva aswell! Welcome!
3 days ago
Meh it'll boil over soon. They only paid like 3m for him, just like Martin said, "no pressure"
1 week ago
Things are looking good.
United's up to 2nd due to massive sponsorship deals from GM and Adidas.
And before I get a cheeky response, yes we are all entitled to our own opinions. But, I've met a lot of people who also think Hazard is a bit overrated, where...
I know Reus, Neymar, etc. are fantastic players, right up there with Bale. My personal bias is just towards Hazard, and that's what fuelled all of this for me...
Ok Sanchez who's in your top5 then? And don't tell me Alexis... Your saying WTF and treating me like a fool, ok lets look at the stats for this season. Goals: ...
Yes! He's an amazing squad player! He should definitely play at RB and take Arbeloa's minutes.
Yes OK I agree, price gouging exists, over-paying exists. My intention isn't to "kill others' arguments", doesn't matter what I say either way I'm gonna be ho...
Wow so much butthurt on here haha. Look, I get it, but my original point still stands: GB11 is better than every player mentioned above, easily. Hazard? He does...
Lol Jeroen, a player is worth what someone is willing to pay for him! This is the only acceptable logic, and by these means GB11 is worth more than 65m!
Worth 65m? Seems legit. That being said... they are very welcome to have him, all they have to do is meet his release clause ;)
"GB11 will never leave Madrid"-Florentino 'nuff said.
I see Oscar scoring every week while Hazard is not. What do you lot think, does Eden need to add goal scoring to his game? (For the record: not saying he's ba...
Ewww none of the stars are gonna get sold you kids
Exactly. No striker would ever pass if they were in GB11's situation... certainly not CR7.
2 weeks ago
Fantastic cross & free kick from GB11 today! Haters need to shut up!
With Martin Ødegaard coming off the bench of course haha
3 weeks ago
We all know how Casemiro is progressing with leaps and bounds at Porto, and man was it a good move. All i hope now, is that when he returns in June we hold on...
Haha ah wtf
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