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Another shitty game. When will this EURO start to be exciting? Poor performance by England - enough said.
5 years ago
1. Boring match. 2. Lucky Spaniards. 3. Unlucky Croatians. 4. Bad referees. Lets move on, people! These kind of games are perfectly normal at that stage of ...
Pathetic commercial. Fantastic player.
You don´t go far in a tournament without being a bit lucky at times. That is what happened to us yesterday. Denmark could have actually sent us home. They shou...
A deserved victory. But Germany needs to get back a certain "killer instinct". As cocky as it may sound (against a strong side like the Dutch), they should have...
It´s always weird to win a game which should have been a draw.
Oh bella Italia... another betting scandal, really??? Come on, get your s**t together! It hurts to see such a glorious football nation ripping of their own fans...
Arno, PLEASE show this kind of class more often in Bremen. You are one gifted SOB. SHOW IT!!
Whoever wrote this article massively underestimates Poland IMO.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Who cares. Abramovich & Co. are gonna take care of that... I think it´s a shame what the EPL has become.
Chelsea was NOT lucky. Bayern was simply too stupid. That is the hurtful truth.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Was not laughing at Bayern, more at Chelsea. As for Bremen: At least my club is not just the little toy of a Russian oligarch. But the clubs of the Premier Leag...
What a f*****g joke!! The stupidity of Bayern was just painful. Chelsea just won the CL!! Ha ha, insane! With that pathetic way of playing they actually made it...
Fingers crossed
Food for thought: Coentrao = 30 million €
6 years ago
Hats off to Bayern! They played with the courage that is needed to win against a team like Real and deserved the vicotoy. The first goal was not offside in my o...
Good performance from both sides. Fair result.
Penatly or not (the 2nd) for neutral fans it was a shame that a game, which was about to become a real CL thriller, was decided that way.
Hats off to Bayern. What a joy to watch, even for a Werder supporter ;-) Seriuosly, great performance. I envy Bayern for this certain ability to really give it ...
France played well and deserved the victory. End of story. Germany can´t shine every game. Lots of injuries - B-squad. We´ll bounce back. No worries. In fact ...
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