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Real football fans say so, not Argentinian gold diggers.
1 year ago
He's nothing until he comes to Europe. All he is at the moment is overrated.
Your 2 teams ???? Why not barrack for every team in football that way you are guareented victory. You farking disgrace !!!!!
Being on top means you win EVERYTHING !!!!!!! It's what Madrid did in the 60's, Ajax and Bayern Munchen in the 70's and 80's respectively, Milan in the late 80'...
2 years ago
He's a 1 season wonder. His first season at every club has been magic, then he turns into an inconsistent bog.
It because most of the Barcelona supporters aren't even from there. They'll never understand the rivalry, they've just decided to support the teams that win.
Catenaccio ????? KUNT there ain't nothing wrong with that. I love when we win games with catenaccio. And obviously you have no idea about Italian or football. ...
I tend to agree, the longer you play against them, they're bound to score eventually. In having said that, we've exposed their weakness and i'd be surprised if ...
We've done it twice to Barca this season, you guys (Madrid) are pathetic. What I mean is BTGD, when the going gets tough, they loose their heads and have consta...
Because they (The current Chilean strikers, especially Sanchez) aren't world class like Salas or Zamorano were. Not to mention he's never had that eye for goal....
By the way Schiffo Gobbo, just keep watching your team being the 2nd ever on being undefeated in a season yet not winning. Is it possible for them to be undefea...
If they were on the top were they in the final in 06/07 ???? No. 07/08 ??? No. 09/10 ??? No. Fail to see how they've been on the top for the past 5 years. Schif...
Typical response from a BTGD. BTGD - Big Team Gold Digger. Rmcfdbest when he first started watching football. "Who has won the most titles, and has the most $...
Thanx for the Captain obvious.
Because of all the snow that Italy has coped over the last month or so. And not to mention, Juventus are the only team in Italy that own their own stadium so th...
Il Principe not El you British DUNT !!!!!
When was the last time Arsenal won the league ??? PS if our league is "so boring", then why the heck are you watching the highlights on footytube ??? 'Cause ...
You're a disgrace.
Yet you have Manchester United as your pic, you're a disgrace.
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