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Pires7 just Watched
Pires7 just Watched
Pires7 just Watched
Pires7 just Watched
What a game!! This is EPL. the way the commentator says "Lukaku" haha he seems a big fan of him
Young > Michael Phelps. I came here to see Young's dive. He is so good at it.
Lmao I watched eto'o's goal like 20 times. It smart of him to approach the goalie from the blind spot but still the goalie is stupid
Pires7 nominated S. Eto'o (31') for Goal of the Week
Glad to see bent playing again
5 years ago
Our defense is killing us. nice come back though
It seems like the game was in Ethiopia haha. great team ethiopia
Walters almost had a hattrick
Walters almost had a hattrick
The commentator is hilarious
Wtf walker, two big mistake. One was basic defending and the other was just rubbish. Great from Mata
Argentina have the best forwards at the moment. If they have great defense they won't be stopped
Good God the second one was great
6 years ago
Damn the commentator is annoying as f**k. He be screamin while they are in the middle of the field
Somewhere on FootyTube
Calm down dude. you can't say premier league teams are on the verge of decline jus seeing from one chamipions league season
He still got it!! It's a waste of talent to go back to MLS.
Lol It's unfair.Gabon have Neymar
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