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It depends on how much youll wanna pay them
6 years ago
I understand youll protect your team and youre probably right when saying Lyon didn't cheat ( Zagreb on the other hand..) I only think its really unfair to Ajax...
France once known for his corruption (does the name Bernard Tapie says anything or the scandals before at Bordeaux)
Really remarkable yes, something to be proud of... Just as staged as the match Spain qualified for WC 84, only this one was setup at halftime
Lyonnais4, just imagine if neither lyon or zagreb was your team. Ajax was losing 0-2 ( the offside goals are human mistakes) at halftime. Suddenly a Lyon team ...
If you don' see why EVERYBODY IN EUROPE except Lyon fans (even Zagreb fans admit it) is speaking shame of this match, your a fool. Love can make blind tho
Go tell your mommy about me then.
If you only say it enough times , you might gonna fool yourself afterall
Cheating is for the weak
Common dude, its called sarcasm, why do you think this is bothering me so much. Our clubs succes is mainly based on the youth academy Cruijff set up at Barcel...
So? Its kinda obvious so if they didnt started it somebody else would have. Im really starting to ask myself if your just plain stupid or if you didnt put your ...
No corruption, Lyon is just an extremely talented team. They score very easy in Europe and all those strange things were merely coincidence.They are easily the ...
And your petty clubs cheating pissed of all Europe (read the reviews and commentary at sites Marca, As, bild, la gazzetta and so on), It totally changed my pe...
Is it a coincidence everybody other than fans of that cheating club are questioning the results then?
Immature reaction from someone who knows he's wrong
Ok now I am sure, it isnt a fix... just like Spain- Malta 1984 or France-Ireland, just clean matches.
Common dude , be honest, lyon is a mediocre team.They only score 2 goals in 5 matches and suddenly they score 7 goals in 28 minutes when Dinamo only conceived 3...
So you havent seen the game?
Being a cheat and a disgrace to the sport maybe? but I aint sure cause there is happening so much more of lyon that interrests me
I really thought Aulas would admit it..., lying persons normally always admit when being caught nowadays?
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