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2 cools for you nice dog
5 years ago
Ben Foster will not be returning to United after this peformance, why has no one metioned Flanagan this lad will be top class, I believe Liverpool need more you...
7 years ago
Ha! if that was a penalty David Luiz should of been sent off, Van de sar you will be missed in my opinion the best goal keeper around at the moment, i see Chich...
LOL funny how last game everyone was on Rooney's dick for scoring a wonderful goal and now everyone hates him again, remember where all fallible we all make mis...
Torres doesnt deserve to play CL he did not earn it and as for him getting his form back is only temporary , by the way Chelsea you always seem to get it easy.
Real Madrid lost DiMaria who seems to be the only player on the squad whom I like and also plays a big part in the attack, as for Lyon they will win in the Ber...
Arsenal beware the return of Carles Puyol... Camp Nou will be a different story.
ROONEY pulled off a Hugo Sanchez great to see the lad score goals like this.
Yea but its much better than leading 4 goals and then conciding 4 goals.
Don't feel bad LFC fans Torres leaving is not the worst thing in the world, sure he is a fine striker but he has lost his form and remember all those knee injur...
Great Job by Hernandez the lad can score with any part of his body first his face, both feet, and now the back of his head lol. Im suprised no one has metioned ...
Oh Liverpool not meaning to disrespect but the answer to your problems is right in the front gates of Anfield "You'll never walk alone" remember Shankley had a ...
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